How many players are there really?

Having been a player for some time now and really enjoying it, I have an open question regarding Alliances
During the many Alliance Wars that I have been involved in, I notice many Alliances who seem to have lots (sometimes most … often including leaders, co- leaders and elders) who have not been active for many days, even months.
My question is why is there no cut-off point where inactive players are culled? A secondary question then is how many active players are there actually?

I’d love to know the answer to that question too. For any players wanting bragging rights on being in the top hundred, thousand, ten thousand, etc. it doesn’t have much meaning if we don’t know the answer to:

First out of … players


There’s something in the vicinity of 1.5 million daily active players.

That can be judged by brackets on the Raid Tournament, and a video from a while back where the SG CEO cited that figure before the Zynga acquisition.

There’s some unknown amount of players beyond that who aren’t active on a daily basis, and presumably even more accounts from people who’ve left the game completely.

Technically the Terms of Service allow culling accounts, but it seems in practice they’re reluctant to do so, presumably in case someone eventually returns to playing.

Most alliances kick inactive members after a while, though there are certainly plenty of alliances with inactive leadership that people bizarrely stay in anyway.

Missing two Wars in a row will automatically opt someone out of Wars, at least.


Putting that into context then …

Being 1st out of 1.5 million players deserves bragging rights!


Kia Ora Zephyr … many thanks for your prompt and informative response. It answers both very nicely.


On a side note: you might want to keep yourself away from dead of half dead alliances where leadership is inactive for a long time (unless you specifically looking for such a calm place). I’ve seen too many people who got into such place by the random results in alliance search and almost quit the game before they found out that active alliances are more fun.


Of course the major problem as I see it is when the leader and co-leader/s are inactive and have abandoned their character. Then nobody left is able to demote, expel or promote anybody. I also wonder as Silver comments, how many new players join in ignorance and get a bad experience of the game due to lack of direction.

If it actually took more skill then luck you would have a point, working into the number 1 slot is easy as winning/losing a yahtzee game…literally.

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Just wondering how many active players there are at E&P.

I have read somewhere around 1.5 million per day.

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…who could be the same 1.5 million people.

Even I don’t log in that often! :rofl:

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It’s mostly just me and my 1,499,999 alts raiding myself and getting mad when I take my own trophies :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We had 1 guy join our alliance and by the time he left he had a total of 4 alts in the room. I spotted the 1st easily, the 2nd was harder and the 3rd was a total surprise and was missed until he left in a huff over direction

It’s kind of shady to have alts without letting your fellow alliance members know. My previous alliance had a no-alt rule, and for good reasons. I run a small private alliance now, and I do allow alts, but I must be informed of who they belong to before I allow them in. That way I know who to yell at when they start slacking off. :smile:

easiest way to find out , try join RaidT and only do 1 hit with minimum points and check what rank you are at end of RaidT , it should give you the answer


I have two profiles but I never think of the second one as an “alt”. Both my games are equally important to me and alt sounds to me like the second one isn’t as valuable as the first one.

As a player who is taking two precious spots in our alliance I’m fully aware of the responsibility I have to be not just active, but very active. If I wasn’t able to maintain that level of activity, I’d remove one of the profiles myself.

Because I’m Leader (and co-leader), I can vouch for my own activity. We’d be very reluctant to accept a new member who wanted to use multiple accounts because it could really hurt us if they weren’t very active.

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Yes, agreed. That is why many alliances discourage the use of “alts”. I’m okay with it as long as I trust the profile owner.

I don’t really think of alts as being more or less important than the original, more like an alternate side of the user’s personality (though I guess that only applies to nerdy types like myself who like to inject role play into my gaming). I still call them alts, regardless of importance, because they are generally the second account created and therefore usually at a lower level than the original; of course, there are cases where sometimes a person’s alt excels faster than their main, in which case I think the alt becomes the main and the main defers to alt status.

For me, it’s like playing Checkers against myself. When it’s MY turn, I always try to beat ME :joy:

The first time my younger profile beat my first profile in a war, I was a little annoyed. I had to really ponder that feeling. Now I simply try to have them both do as well as possible and I’m thrilled when they are very close in points.

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Ohh yes, I’m always competing against myself. Even on the same profile. I always try to better my previous scores, particularly on titan hits. I get upset when I get lower scores than I’m accustomed to. Occasionally I’ll complain in alliance chat that I “only” got 20,000 points on my last titan hit, and our lower level members will comment something like, “only??? my highest hit was 15,000”. And then I have to explain that no, you’re doing great, I’m just upset because I expected better from myself.

I know it might come across as bragging or condescension, but I’m really just trying to better myself, not comparing myself to others. I don’t care if some other player gets a higher score than me, has more trophies, higher TP, beats me in a raid, etc., I just want to know that I am doing better now than I was before. That is after all, the ultimate goal of this game, I think. It’s not about being #1 on the leaderboards - if there are in fact 1.5 million active players, the vast majority of us have to accept the fact that we will never be #1. There are players who have been playing the game since release, players who play practically 24/7, players who spend thousands of dollars for epic pulls, etc.; for an average player like me, it’s ridiculous to even ponder the idea of ever coming close to that level of competition. The real challenge (and gratification) is knowing that your own team is far better today than it was a month ago. :grinning:

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