How many of the Winter Fun offers will you purchase?

Already bought it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have bought hidden blade one. I have three now and a boldtusk and colen at 3/60.
I could purchase the rest but i ran of money due to the loot offer i purchased for Atlantis sad…
I will wait to mount umber for the other blade

Hi All,
First post as I need some help.
Am on a cruise ship at sea at the moment and can’t seem to make any purchases and can’t see the winter fun calendar.
Hopefully attaching pics of what I see so wanted to know if this is normal and will it resolve when I get into port?
Also wanted to know what is on the calendar for today as there were a few epic accession items I was hoping to get…
Thanks for any help and I may not post much but enjoy reading the posts and they help and especially now know better how to attack titans and my damage has improved.

Today’s offer is Druid & Monk Emblems (35x each) + 350 Gems

Thank you and hope they show up again in port tomorrow

Two threads which MAY be of help:

  1. Advent Calender gone?
  2. Winter deal still didn't show up

Not sure if either have a fix that will work for you @Helenwhite00

I wished for more 1000 gems plus a 4* ascension item offers which I would buy. I don’t like the emblem offers and have never bought one even though I’ve noticed since those offers have become more numerous that I’m getting left behind by the top spenders (my team power is ~4430).

I bought the tabard since I’m very short, nothing else so far. Refuse to buy emblems and was disappointed to see a number of offers with them. also, I never buy the expensive offers. Love the rudolf one though… just waiting for a few days to get it. Plenty of tim3!

Over 100 votes now and it looks like majority are taking going a cheap route with the calendar offers.

Ok definitely being on ship or ships internet that is the issue as could get the offers Yesterday when at a hotel and so was able to get the Atlantis offer.
Could someone post what the offers for the next few days, mainly after telescope so if that was one of the offers would find internet while at shore to get it as can’t just buy any other way, thanks

This one ends in 15 mins @Helenwhite00

Thanks got to see that at the hotel if you could post on today’s / each day especially if there is a telescope thanks

Too many!

20 Rudolphs


Those under $2.00

Possibly offers with D-Blades and Tomes

@Helenwhite00, no scope but some.other goodies:

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i would actually really like if they did some where it didn’t include gems.
I mean, instead of 400 gems + 3* or 4* Mat, maybe just 2 or 3 mats… But maybe all of the same item: 3x Fine Gloves / 3x Mystic Rings etc

Wondering what tomorrow freebies will be. To be fair the freebies so far have all be good.

Thanks all for info and managed to log n and get the freebies in a port yesterday and saw a baby croc and some other interesting Costa Rica critters so had a good day.

Day at sea today so can’t get the calendar again so hoping it’s not telescope day!

Either way can’t complain with sunshine and swimming and enjoying the break away from work.

@Helenwhite00, this one is up for another 24 hours from time of posting!


Did anyone bought all of the offers like me? :see_no_evil:

I generally don’t buy anything but VIP once in a while and the share gems with guild offers.

Presents from Rudolph was a good buy last year, as it was VIP at a discount with gems, and I will be doing it again.

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