How many ninja troops to keep?

With today’s summons, I now have 3 each yellow and blue ninja troops. I’ve started leveling 1 of each but I’m not sure I will ever level a 2nd one, much less a third.

I’m thinking of sacrificing them to HA9. Still need a 3rd mana troop in green and yellow.

Still no ninja troops in green and red. Lianna, especially, will enjoy one someday. :star_struck:

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I keep 3 of each, but in any case mana troops has higher priority


Keep 2 apiece. Since you have 3 of them each, you’ll still have a backup troop to sacrifice in HA9 in case one of them turned out to be your missing mana troop.

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Personally I want to have 5 4* troops of every type and color.
Especially ninja, they because have very high attack stat at level 1 so I would keep them all.


this excellent analysis by @Guvnor could help :slight_smile:

in the end, even when running mono, only 5 troops per color are needed. Summary of what I’ve taken away: Mana troops are key for hitting certain mana breakpoints; for tile damage, crit troops seem to have a very slight edge over ninja troops (but very slight). Ninja troops for Rangers due to the bypass effect.

I don’t have any answers myself, as I now have 3 Purple ninja troops… am still going to decide how many I will keep myself :slight_smile:


Yup I’ve definitely studied that excellent analysis more than once. It does a good job of answering when I might want to use a ninja.


I’m in the simple way, 5x is maximum on each type of troop, except the game change to 6 heroes in one team. :grinning:
But I still only get one red Ninja… have some of ETT, would pull today.



Lv01 4* Troops are approximately as powerful as Lv9 3* Troops

plus ninja troops are the only bypass that stacks with Bypass buffs since no items buff bypass ( looking at you yellow/ purple rare titan reflects [ reflect bypasses all defense stat, and all defense buffs, see notes ] )


While having 5 of each type of the 3 epic troops per element is ideal, in all practicality, maxing them, or even leveling all of them highly is almost close to impossible. Imagine the cost of food and number of feeder troops doing so. This is best reserved for whales. I dunno. I can’t see myself playing for 10 to 15 years more just to get them to their optimum levels. As mentioned, you only need 5 of them in raids and in wars.


I also got a blue crit today, which will be my first sacrifice to HA9 when HA10 finishes this weekend, so I don’t have to decide for over a week :woman_shrugging:

Thx @Gryphonknight i hadn’t really thought about using multiple ninja troops on reflect heroes. I usually try to dispel them first, but I have no 5* dispellers.

Is the bypass effective on dodge? cKadilen just kicks my everlovin butt :roll_eyes:

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