How many maxed 3* and 4* do you have?

To compare with my roster i want to see yours. How many do you have? How many is considered a solid roster?

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I have 33 maxed 3* (no dupes) will grow further with some S3 3* to be leveled.

I have 38 maxed 4* ( including some essential dupes for war like cRigard, cMel, cBT, kiril, proteus, Wilbur, Grimm) a few more will be done for war depth.

3* = 41 maxed
4* = 62 maxed
and counting… on progress… 3* = Sudri, 4* = Stittleskull, Jott, 2nd Tibs, and 3rd Jackal.

EDIT: add roster screen…

Depend on needs, variation, and fun to use… Base backbone are 3x or 4x maxxed on each color.

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After almost 2 years, I have:

51 maxed 4 stars
43 maxed 3 stars

I don’t particularly enjoy leveling heroes much (mostly running 3x TC20), so my numbers will be on the lower side as compared to others with similar game time. :slight_smile:

I would say that a solid roster is when you have multiple maxed 3/4 star heroes in each colour (preferably non-dupes) so that you can use your preferred colour stacking depending on the situation. For example, I personally prefer 3-2, so for me it was a great feeling when I had atleast 3 options in each colours, so that I was finally able to colour stack properly in raids, titans, wars, events, etc. Rest of it depends on your roster needs (whether you need more healers, snipers, AoE hitters, etc.)


4* - 49 maxed
3* - 52 maxed (including one Dawa :rofl:)


23 maxed 4*
26 maxed 3*

After a year

21 maxed 4 stars
29 maxed 3 stars

I have a decent bench of 5 stars, but I am really feeling the lack of solid 4 star roster. I don’t have any issues with Rare or Legendary levels of events, but epic is a challenge (especially reflect purple). I’m focusing all leveling on 4s at the moment. Finished Scarlett and Sir Lancelot recently and now working on Jott and C. Melendor.

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23 maxed 4s
21 maxed 3s
started last week of march

54 maxed 4s and 44 maxed 3s atm. Playing since July ‘19. No issues finishing any event tiers based on roster, but maybe based on laziness lol.


There are nice roster guys. Mine is less impactful.
This is my roster after 14 months of playing.

Not counting the 5☆ as OP requested.

22maxed 3☆ (edited 23 maxed 3☆ i forgot c.carver)
33 maxed 4☆

Now im finishing Karil and costume before grimmforest. Future projects i have.

Green . Another caedmon(4☆) and Grevle(3☆)

Blue. Another Sonya/Grimm/Kiril(4☆)

Purple. Right now leveling another rigard and a future second tiburtus.

I hope to get up to 40 maxed 4☆ soon.
The 3☆ will be continue adding. Though with events and tournaments aiming.

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I have 72 maxed 4* heroes and 52 maxed 3* heroes.


52 x 3* with at least 1 talent in each one
43 x 4* with at least 1 talent in each one


After almost 2 years
49 3*, no dupes, 10 full emblemed
60 4*, 10 are dupes for war (Tiburtus, Rigard, Boldtusk, G. Falco, etc), 10 full emblemed.

Sorry no picture. I have 22 4*, 17 3* and for the sake of completeness 19 5* maxed, most of them emblemed with minimum +1 - I have 9 4* at +20. I will max all costumes! (Have costumes for Rigard, Li Xiu, Little John and Sonya already maxed, Melendor, Caedmon, Tiburtus, Elena, Joon and Lianna are work in progress.)

21 3* working on gunner now
26 4* working on almur and guillburts

Other 3* and 4* in the pipe line after.

64 4* and 61 3*. Most not used, mainly to pass the time while waiting for 4* ascension material.

41 maxed 4* (cMelendor I only maxed the costume while base is at 4/1)
47 maxed 3*

Started on Jan 13, so one week shy of 9 months

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About 13 months in:
29 max 4* (only 1 dupe leveled - 2X BT+costume; but I’m saving several more dupes to level in the future)
44 max 3* (a fair number of dupes, and I probably have more of these than I need, as there are some I don’t use anymore - I am saving them for eventual costumes though)

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4*: 34
Not shown: cRigard2, costume is finished but base hero is not

3*: 35
Agnes and Jarvur are almost finished which will give me 37

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20 Epic and 19 Rare. I have been playing for almost two years.

From some of the other 22-year players here, I see that I’m very far behind. My lack of depth indicates that am not a very good player, I think. I’ve obviously made some bad build decisions.

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