How many Joons is too many?

Hi. I am C2P and seem to have awful luck with any summons portal but good luck with TC20. I say this because I am unlikely to get the HOTM nor any 5* from summons. I have 4 Joons and not much of else to level. Is it a waste of mats to have more than 1 maxed which I have with 14 emblems. No costume/ s. My other Holy 5* include Onatel (maxed with emblems), 3 Viv (1 leveled, prefer using L. Woolerton who is maxed), 3 Justice (0 maxed, hate slow heroes) and Leonardis at 3/70. Thoughts?

Personally I’m not inclined to max duplicate 5*, as those mats are just so hard to come by, I’d rather spend them on a hero I don’t already have (at max).

If you’re completely F2P (edit: or close enough) then you may get to a situation where it would make sense though, and I think 2 Joons would definitely be useful, not only in war but on the same team when stacking some yellows in raid etc. And if you ever get lucky enough to pull the Joon costume, they both could benefit.

But since you also have Leonidas as an option, in your shoes I would max him before going with a 2nd Joon. Leo might not hit quite as hard as Joon, but the 40% mana cut can be a real lifesaver at times. I’d much rather have Joon + Leo, than Joon + Joon.

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I would probably go for justice next. Fast is better of course but I think slow heroes still can be useful.

A second Joon could, too. Wouldnt level more than that though. However, I wouldnt feed any 5* heroea at all. Wait at least till hero academy comes out. You might be able to transmute your dupe joons into other heoes. Roster space ia cheap compared to getting 5* heroes


I would hold onto the mats to completely finish one 5* in case you get a new one you like before doing duplicates. With your specific situation I would max a Leonidas, then take it from there. A good argument can be made for having as many as 18 (6 x 3/2) to 30 (6 x 5) heroes of each color for wars. As said above don’t feed away any 5*'s in case hero academy gives good options.


Thank you for responding. I don’t feed 5* dupes and I guess my thinking was for events (early levels where time matters and health doesn’t) and Titans. I suspected 2 may be sufficient and will try to look afresh at Leonardis. I think holding on to mats is sensible so thanks.

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I would hold and max all Joons.

Purple tanks in war, even Joon at 3/70 could make a real difference.


Thanks for responding, I often remember often seeing your posts (that’s quite the distinctive pic).
I think taking them to 3/70 may be the answer as orbs are not impossible to find, unlike darts.

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Unfortunately, I don’t have much more to add to this thread as the comments thus far are pretty aligned with mine.

I have three Joons - one maxed, one at 3.70, and one at 1.01. As I think everyone said, I would not feed away a five-star (though, I did feed away a duplicate Margaret once). I like Joon more than many players. He was my first 5-star yellow so there is some sentimentality there, but he’s fast an punches pretty hard, so he is a decent hero.

That said, I leveled up Poseidon ahead of my second Joon in part for diversity (though they aren’t that different) and also because Poseidon helps his allies resist negative effects, which is very useful.

Coincidentally, my TC 20 gave me a Leonidas this morning (really! just today (only the third five-star that TC has ever yielded)) and I locked him up so as not to feed him. I did give a few minutes pause to think about whether I would max him or my second Joon first. While I favor speed, I think I will follow the advice that @ChoppedLiver and @Keysersozemxs gave you, Leonidas for the diversity and mana control.

I don’t entirely disagree with @diesdas that Justice isn’t a bad choice (she shines in Rush tournaments) but since you have Onatel, I’d do Leonidas before her.

I also like what @Keysersozemxs writes about the number of heroes one needs for war. My alliance lately has been facing a lot of coordinated tanks including purple tanks a couple of wars back. Since I prefer to raid 3-2, I was short of yellow heroes and very happy that I had that second Joon (even at 3.70).

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Thank you for all the responses Guys. You all have similar opinions which makes my decision to max Leo before another Joon and to then take another Joon to 2/70 unless I get another fab holy before then. Much appreciated.

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As someone who is f2p and still waiting on my TC20 to deliver my first Joon, I would rather have 3 maxed Joons than 1 Joon, 1 VIv, 1 Leo or justice. I would probably at least max 2 Joons personally and leave Leo, Viv, Justice at 3.70 or lower to see if I get any other Holy 5* heroes. Are you still doing pulls this month? See if you can get a Malosi. 3 Joons + Onatel + 1healer (rigard, etc) is a pretty nice 4-1 stack

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I have enough Atlantis coins for 2 free pulls so fingers crossed. I spent all gems on Valhalla and now have 5 Nordri and 3 Kvasir lol. I have Viv maxed with 14 emblems and use her for war and raid defense. She will sit there as I was lucky enough to get Lady W (whom I immediately maxed) and she will get all future emblems. Onatel has 6 emblems because Hel needed too. I don’t have many leveling options and was looking at the Joons thinking I need some opinions. I have one emblemed to 14 and one at 3/70 (as is Leo and 1 Justice) and was wondering if I should at least take the other 2 to 3/70. I also have 2 Jackals one with 20 emblems and the other with 1 emblem. Needless to say that Holy is my strongest colour as a C2P/F2P player.

I am more or less F2P (VC2P) and I have 3 Joon (one max, one 3-70, one 1-1). I also have Vivica and Justice maxed. Justice is my defense tank. I alternate my 3stack holy between Viv-Joon-Justice and Viv-Joon-Joon, and both Joons get used in wars.

I was going to max the dupe Joon next (even though I recently pulled Leo) but Malosi just jumped the line. Since by my track record my next HOTM will be late 2021 I’ll likely be maxing the dupe Joon next. Then the third will go to 3-70.

Who is your defense tank? Justice does keep me solidly in diamond, and I don’t really have a viable alternative.

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The answer is 31 Joons is one too many.

I don’t know why everyone is beating around the bush.


My alliance uses Dark tanks so I use Ursena and she gets all Sorcerer emblems.

Bwahahahaha. Thanks this did make me lol.

Yeah if I had her I would not have maxed Justice :rofl:

We use red tanks so mine is Marjana.

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LOL the correct answer, like with guitars, is one more than you have.


I am leveling my second Leonidas and I have zero Joons. If I get one before the last ascension I will switch to him. I already have a maxed Vivica, Leonidas, Li Xiu, Wu Kong, and Chao in my Yellow stack. Looking to replace Chao, and Leonidas is basically a 5* Chao, big upgrade.

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In your current position I would keep maxing all the Joons, one at a time until you are finished or another 5 star yellow turns up.
Having six, one for each war team is fine. And if you ever get his costume then you are really onto a winner
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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Thanks for all the responses. This happened this morning so I guess this will take priority. Soooo fortunate.


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