How many Hisan should I hoard?

I tend toward hoarding heroes that I might want to level up and use someday, especially since many of them will be hard to get later.

I once kept all 3* heroes or at least one of each, but no more. I’ve got 11 maxed, another 6 that have been leveled at least some, if only cannibalistic eating spares to give their special a head start when I level them. And a few more I am keeping but haven’t even done that to yet.

Today the maxed ones get used to fill up my war bench, but as I build up 4* heroes they will fall out of use there, and only get pulled out when I’m bored farming with my good team, or for Rare level challenge events.

Hisan is apparently a good choice for that; if nothing else, he is probably an improvement over Berden, and I have only barely started a Berden, so I’ll probably try to level up Hisan in time for the Knights event in August.

But I’ve now got three Hisan’s. Is there ANY reason to level up a second Hisan? I know the third is gonna be food real soon.

I’m really drawing a blank on why I’d want more than one. But I’m also aware that by tomorrow, I will have no chance of getting another one for a year if there is any purpose for an extra!

Good question. I ended up with seven of him. I can’t see any pressing reason to get rid of some of the extras just yet, so for now I’ve got a guaranteed special rise on one if his special proves annoying later on when I get to levelling him.

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You’ve got two guaranteed special raises for one of him if you use all six spares. Three of him, six 2* green and a 1* green. 3x25% + 6*4% + 2% = 101% = guaranteed increase.

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I’ve kept 2 copies of Hisan for the rare tier of Avalon, though I’ll probably only level one of them soon. His attack stat and ability are amazing (sneak peak: he’s the only 3* I gave a A+ for raid/war offense in my upcoming 3* addendum to Anchor’s hero guide). Three is definitely excessive, two will be useful for anyone without good 4*s yet or who wants to compete heavily in events, one is sufficient for everyone else.


Glad I asked. I might start competing in events seriously someday, and by someday I mean well under 12 months from now.

I guess that puts me 20% closer to buying another 5 hero slots to keep the spare in the meantime.

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