How many heroes

Did you find a way in HeroPlan to filter out duplicates, or did you just not input your dupes?

I just didn’t add them. I know I have them :joy:

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Like just about ALL of them? If I don’t have any compelling reason not to play mono, I definitely will. Game stage play and alliance war (single use heroes) are pretty much the only exceptions and even then, I usually go mono for wars too.

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I keep and level a copy of each 3☆ and 4☆ hero.
With 5☆ I keep almost all of them and want to do one copy to 3.70 at least.

If you gonna be minimalistic you would need 3-5x 3☆ heroes but you need a mixture of buffers/healers and hitters. Like your example with blue…Nordri is your only hitter…you will definitely need more hitters then.

For trial quests you need different classes not colors. So it might be a good idea to level heroes for that, too. You don’t wanna take 3☆ here…too weak.

You need 5☆ heroes to finish legendary tier of events.

You need 30 heroes for war and you don’t wanna take 3☆ for that. For wars I say have at least 6 or 7 maxed heroes per color. (Not counting 3☆) You even want to have duplicates of key heroes for that. (Rigard,Kiril, Boldtusk, Melendor, Sonya Caedmon,…)

To go mono I think have 5 of ach color and tier maxed. Not neccessary 5x 5☆ as you can mix them with emblemed 4☆.

Just buy roster space. For me having a variety of heroes is just a high priority in the game.

Yes you need more hitters…see above.

Why not? Justice is an improved version of Hu Tao. For some occassions you can’t bring Hu Tao. You will benefit from having both. Definitely.

It seems that you haven’t fully understand that each hero has different purposes and how skills and mana speeds synergize with each other. By not leveling heroes you just hindering yourself.

Let me explain:

Boldtusk - average, heal and attack up → increase damage for others
Gormek - average, hit 3, def down → increase damage for others hitting same target
Scarlett - fast, hit 3, attack down
Kelile - fast, highest single damage, burn damage

So Kelile and Scarlett charge first but probably it is a good idea to wait for the other 2 (if there is another match on the board.

Fire Boldtusk first, the attack up will let all the others do more damage. Second is Gormek for defense down…targets will take even more damage after that. Now with Scarlett you can hit the same 3 (or 2) with Gormek if you wanna go for damage or if you wanna protect your team hit another hero for the attack down that your own is suffering less damage. You should consider this BEFORE firing Gormek. Now the purpose of Kelile is to kill a certain (most annoying) target. She got the highest total single damage from all these heroes. If you fire Kelile after Boldtusk and Gormek her damage will be almost doubled! It is a huge difference. Look at the numbers. So even having a 2x Scarlett or 2x Kelile will be very effective on that team.

With the costumes you might want to level duplicate heroes as often a hero and his costumed version on the same team will greatly work together.

Yes you need all of them.

You can probably stop leveling 4☆ when you have 10 of each color maxed.


Usually, me too, but sometimes the board just doesn’t help.

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Thanks . I appreciate the time it took for that response . In life I tend to be a bit of a minimalist . I understand this game will require me to be a bit more of a collector .

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Yes…it took a while.

If you are able to level heroes with the same / similar purpose then you probably can stop.

Example: Blue 3☆ sniper.

Got Valen first. Loved him. His look, his special, his animation. Took a mono Valen team for fun, just leveled him once.

With S2 I came across Gato. Wow. He hitted harder than Valen and gave this nice protect. So I leveled a 2nd one to protect my full team. Loved this double Gato.

At this point I probably had enough blue 3☆ snipers.

With S3 I got Jarvur…hitting hard. Did I need him? No. Did I level him later? Yes.

Only some months ago I got Vodnik which eluded me many times. Vodnik hits hardest at Rush since mana fills a lot quicker. Did I need him? No. Did I level him? Yes.


So I am kind of working on need . I have a healer and a sniper of most colors in 3 and 4 star and working on 5 . That’s much more difficult as I’m fairly C2P. My style is more mana control than anything so I fall in love easily with Hansel , Pixie, Rudolph , Chochin the latest being Mist . I’m working my way thru my hero roster and wars mostly highlight the glaring omissions in my lineup . That’s where I start and go from there . Thanks again

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