How many heroes

I was wondering how many heroes of each element and level you keep ? Say I have a level 3 Frosty , Nordri, and Gunnar do I need to have and level Valen or Jarvuur?
If I have a four star Boldtusk and Scarlett leveled do I need to keep and level Kellie or Gormek?
I was wondering with the limited space after my expansion how many heroes you keep of each level and element . Thank you for any resposnses and yes I have expanded my roster but I’m looking at having Hu Tao Li Xiu, Griffin and now Mist leveled for four star yellows and think maybe just maybe I may not be doing justice to my roster .

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In my opinion, depends on:

  1. Playstyle. I like to use mono (5 heroes same color) on raids/wars, so I would need more Blue 3*s than someone who does 3/2 stacking

  2. Priorities. How much do you care about Challenge Events? Raid Tournaments? for Raid Tournaments for example, you might need different heroes for Rush Attack (Ulmer shines here); for Bloody Battle (Frosty can’t heal, so do you bring in Valen?) etc.

  3. The individual hero. Valen, for example, is more generally well-regarded than say Ulmer.

How many gems does it cost you to buy more roster space? If it’s like 50 or 100 gems it could be worth it, better to keep a hero now (especially 4*s), unless you are willing to risk not getting another Gormek for a very long time…


Really depends. If you are one of those players who summon regularly using gems, then you may be bound to use some of those gems to buy hero cap increase from the in-game Shop just to hold on to those heroes.

Ideally, one should only keep the best rare, epic and legendary heroes. But the thing is, we can’t seem to have them all. So we settled to those second best, or other subpar or obsolete heroes. Some players will keep a copy of every hero just for collection purpose (I am one of them though not all S2 and S3 rare heroes I’ve kept).

What I can say is that there are very good heroes and maxing dupes of them ain’t wrong. In my roster, I have maxed 4 Rudolphs, 4 Gatos, 4 Hisans, though I am highly inclined to make feeders out of each of them. I also have maxed 2 Wabbits, 2 Vlads (blech!), 2 Armans, 2 Vodniks, 2 Kvasirs, 2 Barnes with MCB, 2 Bjorns, 2 Balthazars (1 with MCB), 2 Bats, and 2 Nordris.

Among the epics, I have maxed 4 costumed Rigards (only 2 with maxed original version), 3 Gullinburstis, 3 Jackals, 2 Wilburs (plus a third at 3/60 standing by), 2 Falcons (plus a third one at 3/60 standing by), 2 Tiburtuses (1 with MCB), 2 Scarletts, 2 Grimms, 2 Hansels, 2 Gretels, 2 Proteuses. 2 Tritons, 2 Buddies, 2 Sumles, 2 costumed Caedmons (only 1 maxed original version), 2 costumed Sonyas (only q maxed original version), 2 Melendor (only 1 maxed original version), 2 Boldtusks with MCB, and 2 Kirils.

But on the legendaries, I have 2 maxed Gazelles, Gravemakers and Liannas with MCB. I did almost ascend a 2nd Joon with MCB, but left its versions at 3/70.

Since approximately more than a year ago, I haven’t been summoning using gems but relied getting new heroes, few of them, using free coins, keys and tokens.

In sum, it depends on your needs and wants, and the willingness to buy hero cap increase if you continue to summon for more using gems.


Personally, i keep 5-7 of each color of 3* and 4* and (so far) keep all 5* heroes. I made a post before about needing to clean house and conserve roster space. I keep 5-7 so i can run a mono team of that color in tournaments and monthly events. If its a bloody bath, i swap out healers for other heroes, etc, depending on the need and opponent.


I started by keeping 1 5* team comprised on each element, 3 4* teams comprised of each element and 2 3* teams comprised of each element.

I did this to ensure I had enough heroes to meet the needs of raid tournaments and wars.

I have since expanded my teams to 14 and they are mostly 5* mixed with a few 4*…I have 3 dedicated 3* teams comprised of each element.

I make replacements as I receive better heroes…one of my 3* teams is fully maxed with their complete talent grids opened up.


I used to play this like Pokemon and try to keep at least 1 of everything. But recently with the new portals it was just becoming impossible so I let a lot of what I consider the lesser 3* and 4* go.

I still have full mono in every colour at every level but I’m not keeping a Dawa or a Boril anymore.

Duplicates are now only things I use on Mythics or Ninja (Wilbur, down elemental heroes like Almur & Jackal etc) or the tile attack up like Jott.

If I get a hero now that I really don’t see a use for then it’s off to the feedlot with them


If you plan on playing the game for a while keep one of everyone. You never know when they’re going to get buffed or costumed into a great hero. It’s a loooong game.

Personally I’ve maxed (or soon will max) every 3-star & 4-star I’ve gotten. One copy of every 5-star eventually gets ramped up to 3-70. The solid 5-stars get the assmats to max. Key heroes get duplicates maxed: Rudolph, Proteus, Rigard, 'Bursti, Mist, Kiril, Grimm, Melendor, Hisan, Namahage, Gato, Bjorn, Balthazar…

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I keep 1 copy of every unique hero from 3* up, including ones I don’t like or ever intend to use.

If I have a costume for that hero, I’ll keep 2 copies.

But then, I’m a “collector”. There are several heroes I have that I doubt I will ever use again, but I won’t get rid of them either.

Flip side of that, there are probably certain heroes that could be beneficial to keep multiple copies of… certain 3*s and such that I could stack 5 of to get top scores in rare challenges. But I won’t, because I like to keep my roster neat and tidy looking. Identical duplicates to me are just… meh. I wouldn’t mind keeping them if they stacked, but when I scroll down through my roster, I don’t want to see


For some reason, that irritates me. One of each is all I need, please and thank you.

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The collector in my didn’t like it but it was getting silly.

Below is just my 5* and 4* (not even including the duplicates!) and probably another 50 3* all levelled as well. Comes a point where roster space gets more and more expensive and the roster had to be clipped to fit

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I’ve got 99 problems, but “too many 5* heroes to hold” is not one of them. :laughing:

Should that day ever come, I will gladly spend more gems to expand my roster space in order to accommodate them. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d probably even be willing to pay real money for that

A few dollars for another Dawa? Nope nope nope. Hard pass on that. A few dollars for spare roster slots? Yes, that I am willing to pay for.

Hey, miracles happen though! Some of those heroes came from genuine free pulls.

But I’ll caveat that with some of them also came after lots of money :joy:

Most of my heroes came from free pulls, sadly. I tried to give SG money and they gave me a bunch of feeders. That’s when I decided to stop giving them money.

I can’t afford the price of admission to top heroes in this game (and even if I could, I’d still balk at the price). At my current rate of pulling new heroes? I doubt I’ll have any issues with roster space anytime soon.

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I have a small slice of the pie. I can’t afford the admission to the VIP area of the club :joy:

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As others have said, it’s all about your style of play. I’ve got 283 heroes locked. My current philosophy is as follows:

3* heroes - I don’t keep more than one of any of them. I have @ 10 3* heroes in each color and focused on newer heroes and costumes. Unleveled heroes are Dawa with costume, Gramps, Greymane with costume, Guardian Bat, Edd and Morris.

4* heroes - Only dupes I’ve kept are Gullinbursti and Guardian Jackal. Two maxed of each. That’s it. Too many unleveled to list out, but 24 unique heroes. I have 9-11 4* leveled in each color.

5* heroes - And therein lies the rub. I’ve kept up to 3 copies of any 5* hero in hopes of an actual working solution to dupes from SG, but alas HA10 ain’t it. Feeding one dupe a week to HA10 just is a crushing lack of a solution. So I will eventually (most likely) wind up unlocking a bunch of my dupes and feed them. I don’t have any dupe 5* maxed, but there are several I would consider once I run out of unique heroes that I want level (Narrator voice: he never will). Curretly have 8-10 5* heroes maxed in each color.

I’ve always spent the gems to increase my roster size as needed. A bit of a hoarder, but not as bad/good as some folks I’ve seen.

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I think most of us only have small slices. What is it… 170 or something legendary heroes? That’s not even including the many non-vanilla 4* heroes who are also quite potent and useful in their own right.

My own slice of that total pie is paper thin.

Hence why I always laugh when people say, “you want the game to increase the summoning odds? Then everyone would have every hero!”

They could quadruple the current odds, and it would still take me probably 10 years just to get all the heroes that are currently available. Not to mention the thousand or so new heroes they will probably add as time goes on.

Ok I am only level 40. I will find some happy medium between all the answers . I will fully admit I am a little impatient for leveling the five stars but I will focus on leveling a couple more .

Whoa! Impressive roster! How the heck did you EVER get all the non-farmable ascension materials to max out that many 4 and 5 star heroes? Where I am in the game right now, it feels like it would take me about 100 years to get the materials needed to get that far. Plus, the RNG hates me. Won’t give me trap tools or fine gloves! :laughing:

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I would recommend at least 5 of each element, to begin with. There are a few occasions where mono colour teams can be very helpfull. As to duplicates, I only keep 4 - 5s heroes. If you look to play at a long term, Hero Academy is a way to “recicle” your duplicate 5s heroes. The duplicate 4*s, one with the original setup, another to costumed setup. All the rest, food for the big boys. Hope I could be of some help

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I keep at least 1 of each unique hero, cause why not. My roster is not too deep in 5* and many times happened, that I had nothing to level except some dupes. Of course I only level some dupes that I find useful. Though I now kind of regret maxing 3rd and 4th C Rigard, I never really use them and also Idk why I put second Domitia to 3/70, that was a waste too. Also maxing Elkanen was a waste (not a dupe though). Some kind of hero reset token would be nice to have sometimes so I can get my mats back, d blades are hard to get…

Not that I use every single hero daily, no not really. It’s just for collection purpose pretty much. I did increase my roster space with gems quite a lot at some point and it was a good move. I currently have 187 slots of heroes filled, out of 235 available so I have 48 slots in reserve and some of filled slots are 1/1 5* S1 dupes that I dump into HA10, simply cause there isn’t any better solution for 5* dupes now… and I’m also flooding in recruits (but I got 2 non-S1 retrainings from 15 retrainings so far, so I can call myself lucky)

It’s all about each players playstyle though, so opinions about dupes vary from 1 player to another pretty much.


Been playing for three years now. It’s a long haul but those mats eventually come. Mostly C2P for the past year or so.

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