How many heroes does your bench contain?

As I get more 4* and 5*, all while wanting to keep a fair 3* backup, il wondering how much heroes I should keep.

30 obviously for alliance wars. But then some for color stacking, events, specific needs, etc. It’s been especially bugging me since I’ve been looking at the event leaderboard with people who seem to have hundreds of heroes to make all imaginable combinations of 3* 4* and 5*.

Ide be curious to know what amount of heroes you guys keep in your rosters? (Excluding feeders of course). Explanations are welcome.


44 normal for me of 107 slots

If you were to draw some better heroes, would you feed some of your 44 to them or would you keep expending the bench?

the ones i have kept are 3* for events , some double colours eg (teltoc 2 purple 3* fast heros)
then i have some heroes i want to level when i can level my 5* (ie waiting for assention mats)
i have hansel & grettel un developed but they will be next in line when eg horgall(green) is maxed
i currently have 60+ empty slots & parred down the heroes i want to keep
grettel will level once my 2nd wu kong is done

Got 41 heroes and 99 spaces:
3 5☆
18 4☆
20 3☆

120-130 3*-5* heroes, some doublets will maybe be used for feeding.
I have room for 185
Unique heroes:
3* 26
4* 36 some I have more leveled of
5* 20 + doublets

It depends on the hero if I keep more than 2 of one 4*, I never eat 5*, I will rather spend a small amount of gems to increase the cap. I guess it also depends on how much you are spending on the game

56 heroes 3 to 5 stars so far. 30 of them maxed.
I have big plans for those unascended. :slight_smile:

Expand. Versatility, both for the current situation (you never know what kind of defences you’ll face in the next war) and for the unknown future (game development), easily trumps the meagre XP from using a levelled hero as fodder.

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