How many Gullinbursti to keep?

I pulled my 3rd Gullinbursti and am thinking of using him as food to free precious roster room (the next 5 slots cost 150 gems, which is about a week).

I won’t have the emblems for the 2nd G for years; I’ll be dead before the 3rd one gets them.

G seems good for Ninja and Fast {War, Raid}.

But, I have a slew of other healers (3 Rigards©, 2 Sabinas, 3 Melandors©, 2 Boldtusk©, 2 Kiril©, Raffa, Vivica, Alby and Telluria).

Do you have 3+? What do you use them for?

I asked that exact question in the Gullinbursti hero thread, see what answers I got:

I am keeping all three for now, but have not begun to level a second Gullinbursti. I think I will later on, but not as a priority. I won’t give the second and third any emblems though.

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I’m keeping two I did have 3 iv emblemed one too 18 the second prob won’t get any for a while, or even maxed as got a few other yellow projects to work on.
I don’t see myself using 3 as have alot healers in other colours aswell.


I think that at least two of them due to Ninja Tower. He is one of the best healers to bring there.


2x maxed, 3rd on (almost max) and I still keep 4th Gullin, I’m not sure though 4th Gullin.
But with Ninja Tower and WAR Rush, I think I still keep 4th Gullin for now.

I already have: 1x Ladywoolerton, 3x Rigard.C, 3x Kiril.C, 2x Boldtusk.C, 1x Melendor.C, 1x Sabina, 1x Alby, 1x Telly, 1x Vivica, 1x Delilah, 1x Rafaelle, 1x Grazul, 1x Anzogh.


I’m keeping one copy for now… I mean, definitely not the only priority in yellow so I don’t see myself leveling more than 2 in 6-12 months…

PS. I have one maxed, +14.

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I have my first emblemed to +19. I have another second one maxed. Currently working on the third Gullinbursti to max. They will be used primarily for Ninja Tower events. I also have 4 maxed costumed Rigards, 2 are emblemed. Also have maxed Sabina, 2 costumed Melendors, 2 Kirils, 2 emblemed Boldtusk with MCB, emblemed Woolerton, Ares, Grazul and emblemed Ariel, along with another Ariel, Kunchen, Zulag and Vivica all at 3/70.


I tend to hang onto healers since my attack style is two healer in a 3-2 formation. so my goal is 3-4 healer of each color. Gulli is easier to level and Vivi or Delpina and easy to get than Woolly. the be able to had health to all is really neat but it take some tile priority when attacking

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Thanks! I guess I’ll keep G3 for the Ninja.

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