How many Giant Harpoons are needed to get (or guarantee) a Titan skull?

How many Giant Harpoons do I need to use to get a Titan skull in the Titan loot? I regularly hit and get into the top 5 of my 29/30 strong alliance. I always use Harpoons (but haven’t kept a count).

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As most aspects of this here game, titan loot is random. You might use one harpoon and get a titan skull or use 100 harpoons and get no titan skull.


But the alliance as a whole has to hit the breakpoint to get any parts at all (like 17 for 12* titans) — the number here is based on how many stars the titan has. The second breakpoint (like 44 for 12*) gets two more per person, and a full meter gives a total of 5 more per person.


Never heard this word before.

Is a new hero?


Cant get a titan shell for anything.
On 10-11* titans always break the first requirement. :pensive:

Nothing in this game is guaranteed except disappointment my friend.


To echo everyone else, there are no guarantees parts, only a guaranteed number of parts per tier of harpoons. The number for each tier changes depending on the number of stars on the Titan:
Tier 1 - drops parts
Tier 2 - drops (+2) parts
Tier 3 drops (+5) parts

Obviously, the rarer the part the less likely it is to drop. So an increase in Tier level increases your chances [at a skull] only in relation to there being more parts dropped as a whole

I believe the increase in parts is correct; it could be scale to the star level of the titan as well. Someone can fact check me on this

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Cross posting some data farmed odds:

NOTE: Data set for tiers XVI onwards are pretty small so best to look more at the OVERALL data trend.

Source: Titan Loot Project - A Data Farming Project! Answering "What can/could I get from the Titan?"

Based on several thousand data points :slight_smile:


@Guvnor thanks for keeping this dataset alive. I was trying to figure out if use of scrolls and hurricanes will be sustainable in between mythics. Any input on that topic?

That’s rather a difficult question to answer.

It depends on:

  • How many Hurricanes & SoA you use between MT Events?
  • How many Hurricanes & SoA you use IN the MT Event
  • What titans you normally kill?
  • How many escaped titans occur? (i.e. whats the kill/escape ratio)
  • What Harpoon Tier you go to for each titan?
  • What grade you get on the titan.

There are probably a lot of other factors but those are just the ones off the top of my head

Well… Since you asked :slight_smile:

0 used in between MT events.
On this event, I used 1 of each per MT flag so far, which is 6 total at the moment.
Typical titans are 9* with A/B loot, harpoons tier 1.
Typical cycle is Kill 3, Escape 1

May not be representative for all of course. Just trying to wrap my head around the new event…which I find thrilling btw and the only real use for my titan parts at the moment.

So running with that.

9* Titans at B grade = Loot Tier X which gives you 4 Rolls at ~7% drop rate on 4* Titan Parts per roll. There are 2x 4* Titan Parts so ~3.5% for the Titan Skull (SoA) and 3.5% for the Titan Heart (Hurricane).

So working off a 75% kill rate, in 1 month (730.5hrs avg) you gave 31 Titans appearing. Of those you kill 23 of them.

So that’s 23x at Loot Tier X giving you 92 rolls (total).

From that you will get (on average) 3.22 Skulls per month & 3.22 Hearts per month.

That gives you a total of 3 Scrolls of Alteration & 3 Hurricanes to manufacture per month based on the numbers you provided.

If you consistently got Loot Tier XI (from A grade on a 9* or B grade on a 10*), that gives you an extra roll per titan, making it 4 Skulls & 4 Hearts each month (4x SoA & 4x Hurricanes).

Neither scenario is really enough to cover using 1 per MT Flag tho. You would need to increase the kill rate & increase the loot tier to get there.

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Wow :+1: great walkthru thanks @Guvnor

Cobalt GUARANTEES to bypass defensive buffs at charge 3 (or charge 2 and a ninja troop). :smile:

I just find skulls have become very scarce. I was getting them every other or couple titans, now I haven’t seen one in like a month. I use the scrolls so not getting them is disappointing.

And here I am still no titan skulls it’s been months?

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