How many event/HotM heroes to hoard? (4x Falcon, I’m looking at you!)


I’ve generally had poor luck pulling event or seasonal heroes, and I’ve got a huge backlog of standard 4* and a few 5* that I don’t have either the feeders or ascension items to finish in probably the next six months, assuming I do t get any more during that time. (Seriously unlikely!)

But I hoard seasonal, event, and HotM because I know they will be really hard to replace and a the gems to hold my hoarded heroes are pretty cheap compared to trying to replace them. Here’s what I’ve got:

  • Gravemaker x2
  • Gregorion x2
  • Hisan x2
  • Gretel x2
  • Guardian Falcon x4 (I already ate two!)
  • 1x Delilah, Alasie, Squire Wabbit, Jack O’Hare, Jabbar, Merlin, Guardian Jackal

So far I’ve been trying to level one of each, tho I haven’t gotten to Jabbar yet, and don’t have very high expectations of getting to duplicates any time soon…

Am I foolish for keeping spares? Especially past #2?

I consider Falcon best as a red force multiplier, used with two or more other red heroes; I Have trouble making a case for prioritizing the second, and can’t think of anything besides a joke cup dropping team to use #3 and #4.

Perhaps two falcons on a red monochrome attack team would be awesome?


Really depends on the hero. I kept 4x jackal for events, but 4x falcon is excessive since his attack stat is so low. I think 2 is a good number for most, 1 for trash heroes (sorry Boomer), and 3-4 only for the best of the best and those heroes you could imagine running multiples of at the same time.


My “sensible” approach is for 4* heroes is kinda like you said–3x good ones, especially healers for AW, and otherwise, one more than I expect to level up, aka only one if I have no plans, a spare if I’m planning to level one up.

So far I have yet to get more than two of any 5* hero, and haven’t eaten any of them yet, not even my first Thorne!

I was just stuck on how hard it is to get event heroes, and couldn’t eat them yet. But Gravemaker is looking hungry…

And yes I thought the RNG gods were being rather cruel with one jackal and six falcons; Jackal is one that I can easily see advantages of running 2-3 at once. (They also weren’t being nice giving me NO panther, but that part didn’t feel like they were thumbing their noses at me.)


No Doubles for me! Never!
I totally get your point, but I don’t want any doubles (OK, yes I have 3x5* double, but only because I hope I can trade them one far, far away day )
I feeded quite a lot of 4*'s already and 2x5*'s
My goal is too get all the heroes out there…the only problem might be the Hotm’s…I fear taking that plan to the end, might be a bit expensive, but let’s see how far I get, without ruining myself :smiley:


When it comes to hoarding heroes, my other limit is 18 4-5* heroes per color; that would let me do triple strong color in all six war attacks … And I know leveling up that many heroes will take a very long time, so keeping more than that is really hard to justify.

And I’m losing interest in using my inventory to make a Falcon cup dropping team; I’m down to three already and may soon be at two.