How many emblems have you gotten from elemental chests?

Greetings everyone! With bugs abounding since the update I’m trying to make sure my 3 barbarian emblems from this morning’s fire chest isn’t another one. So far the lowest number I’ve heard from other people is 10; how many have you gotten?

Many thanks!

I’ve seen one person report getting 50, but it seems like most people (including me) have gotten 5, with a few people reporting none.

I got 3 from an ice chest.


I think I saw someone else say 3 somewhere, trying to find it. As @Rob_DI said, 5 is definitely possible.

More confirmations of 3:

I got 30 from a red chest yesterday, sorry no screenshot. Maybe I got 30 because the rest of the chest was total garbage.

Got 5 from a fire chest

Okay thanks everyone! I just wanted to know if i should report it or was just unlucky with them.

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Unfortunately sounds like it’s just bad luck, but within normal limits of the drop possibilities for an elemental chest. :confused:

Yeah. I’m not worried about it though. I’ve already stopped throwing money at this game so it’s not like I lose anything from it.

I got 10 from a fire chest, two others in my alliance got 30 each from a holy and an ice chest.

I got exactly ZERO in my dark chest…was all hyped to get it done as quick as possible and BAM…NOTHING, not a single blue emblem was found

I got 3 from a nature chest.

5 emblems of red chest, it is unbalancing so much difference between them

20 from a ice chest 20202020

from green chest

This was from a purple chest on Thursday

50 from an ice chest. Otherwise 3 at most in other chests

From a purple chest yesterday, 30 x Rogue emblems :slight_smile:

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