How many duplucate 5* heroes do you keep?

With HA10 churning mostly S1 heroes (with the occasional RNG blessing). I was wondering how many 5* dupes should you keep? Taking into account that only about once in 20 will give you a nonS1 hero.

Personally I still dont have Elkanen and Azlar from S1. So should I keep 2 + maybe 3 more?

Unless I run out of roster space I just let most of them there. I don’t accumulate them, though. I’ve eaten most of my 2nd and 3rd copies of S1 heroes.

Personally I try to keep 2 as you never know when the game might buff it or make a change for the hero to be relevant again… or come out with a costume. If it’s a really good hero then I might keep 3 or 4 of them. In reality though, you will be throttled as to how many heros you can ascend a year, so as you continue to get better and more heros, you probably find that you won’t raise most of your duplicates. There are exceptions, of course. I’m waiting on materials to up my 3rd costume Joon, but they came to me at a time when I didn’t have other yellows. I don’t have any of my 3 or 4 Quintus done. I really want to up my two Grimbles, but other heros just keep getting in the way, but dealing with minions is important right now in the game…
While it sucks, I do like this aspect of the game, that it forces you to make tough decisions on who you ascend and that will have consequences as you play on.


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I keep all my dupes but as food for my HA10 which is nearly done researching.

Overall I wouldn’t ever keep more than 2 of any hero because my feeling is I don’t want to spend on a dupe until I have one of everything I’ve kept finished.

As I stand now I have 4-5-6 of some, so I’m happy if they even get retrained into a second one of someone I have, as well as the chance for non S1 and the 5 or so S1 I’m missing.

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I only keep dupes of 5* heroes that a) are very powerful and b) bring truly unique skills to the table. Vivica is one example, with her cleansing and healing. Having two of her is very helpful in wars and Ninja Tower. You have to be careful, though, because if you two-time her with herself and she gets jealous, her dragon will bite your Richard.

It really depends on how deep your roster is and how often you summon. If you have a pile of 4* mats lying around doing nothing (meaning more than 12), and no prospects to summon any legendary heroes any time soon, you might as well go for it - as long as it isn’t someone useless like Groot.

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In my honest opinion you are best to keep all your 5 star heroes.
Keep your Grade A duplicates and max 2 or 3 if you can.
For the others I keep two just in case they get a buff when SG rebalance
And any other duplicates after that go into HA10

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I just counted I have 56 unique heros at 1/1 that I want to level up, about 10 that are somewhat leveled, and about 70 that are max level or 3/70 5* waiting on mats, I just can’t imagine investing resources into copies when I have so many still to work on.


Im thinking of all these too… im thinking that im limited by the AM. Theres no way i can level them up. Its just too tough to feed a 5* out…

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I’ve been thinking on this a little and I think it’s the longer term players who think in terms of leveling dupes more. I started just as S3 was launched so I dont think it’s weird or bad that S4 is launching right away, I’ve never known the game without a set of new monthly levels. I also came in when there were already a very large and diverse group of heros

But if you started long ago with only season one heros and no challenge events etc, then of course you’re going to put dupes up since what else could you do? There’s only so many heros. And also I think people often tend to get in a rut with strategy and how they approach the game so if you came from few heros and dupes and waiting a year between seasons that’s how you think it should be.


First of all I wouldn’t feed any 5* heroes away if I don’t need the space. But if you need to eat some I think it most depends on your spending habits.

If you are f2p you should keep everything non S1 and even some duplicates of good S1 heroes. If you don’t get any new heroes leveling a third or fourth joon suddenly sounds not so bad.

C2p I would keep at least all event heroes they are hard to get, at least 2 hotm, s2 or S3 heroes, and maybe even more if they are good. But I would probably feed most of the duplicate S1 heroes only keeping some for the hero academy, you won’t bother with them and even if you should get a great costume you will also get another hero. There aren’t many costumes I would lvl more than two when I also have some S2, S3 or hotm waiting.

P2p you can feed away probably all S1 dupes and most hotm I wouldn’t keep more than two, most of the time you will have a ton of unique heroes waiting for mats, and there are only some heroes worth leveling more than one copy.

There is also only so many mats you can get. If you don’t pay extrem on mats or summon portals with chest, and don’t finish all the time top 100 or better in the events you will be able to level around 2-4 heroes each color per year. Maybe some more if you play in a high end alliance. So if you’re extremely lucky in one color and have 10+ heroes waiting before you could think about leveling dupes, you can probably feed them away.


For the first 2 1/2 years, I kept everything. At that point I had no idea how HA would work, or that it would exist. 5 stars were so rare and so expensive it seemed blasphemous to get rid of them. And you really don’t get much XP feeding them away.
However, as I progressed and spent more money the heroes have added up. HA 10 is a very expensive disappointment and hardly worth the resources.
That being said, I can’t get rid of all of the so I keep 3 of each. Very likely still too many. With the exception of 2 or 3 very special heroes, who would ascend a second one anyway?

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Hey guys I was wondering if anyone could help me put together a good defence team I have quite a few 5* hero’s but I don’t know who is good to put together, please help me. First pic is my defence team now

Looks like a lot of your best defensive heroes are stuck at 70. Maybe ask again when Alfrike, Odin, Black Knight etc are at 80

I can get them up to 80 but I can only get one of each colour up I just didn’t want to put them towards a hero that I wouldn’t use. It’s like I used my rings on baldur by accident so which hero’s should I use. I can level them us so doesn’t matter which ones.

What thought was good was Black Knight:tank Odin & Alfrike:flanks I just didn’t know who to put as my wings.

In my honest opinion, I would spend mats on:
Red - Black Knight
Blue - Magni
Green - Heimdall
Purple - Alfrike
Yellow - Odin
Whichever heroes you choose good luck

Thanks for your help

3 of anything is my absolute max and I think just have a few. My predicable next Elana will be toast.

Magni? 2/10 would recommend. Heimdahl and BK, absolutely. No idea about the others.

I just keep them all in the hope we finally get dupes sorted out properly. I have approx 90 of them just in case

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Kudos for dedication and hope. :slightly_smiling_face:

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