How many dollars I have to spend

My question is, how many dollars I have to spend to get some items from chests or titans?
I know that you need money, but not everybody have fat Visa or MasterCard.

0$, 0£, 0€, etc…


You don’t need to spend anything. All you need is time.


20% more if you pay in euros than dollars )))

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We accept even firstborns and ius primae noctis instead :face_with_monocle:


If you own a house, start selling it now, ascension items are more important.

You don’t have to spend any $$ at all, but some small amount here & there should be ok.
E&P is a patient players game, big spenders have been greatly dissapointed as you can read in the forums.

@Elpis You are hilarious. Love your humour, with and edgy comments. Definitely appreciated in this corner!

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