How many different potential diamonds can you spot?

Winners get a lifetime supply of Common Herbs

  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

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I see 6, is there a 7th, or is it a trick option?

No tricks, just choose the correct answer :relieved::wink:

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I think I already did, just wondering if I missed something :slightly_smiling_face:

My solutions:

  1. Switch B3 & B4 to make a L-Shaped purple diamond
  2. Switch B4 & C4 to make a T-Shaped purple diamond
  3. Switch C5 & E5 to make a L-Shaped purple diamond
  4. Switch D3 & E3 to make a straight purple diamond
  5. Switch E2 & E3 to make a L-Shaped purple diamond (lower half of board)
  6. Switch E3 & E4 to make a L-Shpaed Purple Diamond (upper half of board)
  7. Switch D2 & D3 to make a yellow match 3, this will then move columns D, E & F up one. This will then make a Purple T-Shaped Diamond

Can you share how you are assigning letters and numbers to columns and rows? I’ve never seen that idea presented before

I use the same Grid as an Excel Spreadsheet.

A = Left most column
1 = Top Row

So A1 = Top left most “cell” on the board
A5 = Bottom row, left column
G1 = top right cell
G5 = bottom right

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That last one is the one I was having trouble picturing. I thought there had to be something else in there but I couldn’t shift all those tiles in my mind

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