How many characters allowed in alliance message? 508 characters

Want to fit as much info as possible but don’t want to bug my alliance members by continually trying it. Anybody know?


Just use a notepad app to write whatever you want to and try pasting it in the message box, if it cuts off abruptly you know it won’t fit and just cancel the thing, it won’t post. Just come back to Notepad to shorten it and try again. Iterate until it works to your desired level of perfection. :slight_smile:


I think I have something; my phone has such little space that it’s pared down to nothing. Thanks for the suggestion!

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^^^ This 100x :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Click for useless info

This is the maximum chat message:



Thanks, Gryphon! Now I’ll just paste that into my word processor and count characters, and Bob, the busy guy, will be my uncle. Too tired to think of brilliant stuff like that, so thanks for doing it for me. :grin:

EDIT: 508. :slight_smile: (Had to replace all the spaces with a character to get the right count, if anybody else tries this at home for some other reason.)


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