How many alliances are there?

Can we get an alliance count so when I see where my team ranks globally I know what that really means? By the way…what is your alliance rank? The Phoenix is currently 775 globally. Not bad.

The anniversary video said “314,000 alliances created” — but we have no way of knowing how many are still active.

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Thank you for the swift reply. Mods like you make.this community great.


You’re welcome, and thanks!

A friend of mine had placed a new account with pretty much untrained heroes and untrained troops alone in an alliance about 6 months ago. Her account was the only one in the Alliance, so basically it should have been ranked dead last. At that point the alliance was ranked at over 270,000

Short answer is way to many…hence the reason recruiting is an absolute nightmare

First of all, sorry for resurrecting this old topic :sweat_smile: Feel free to move/delete if necessary.

I was just wondering: how many alliances are there? And specifically, how many with the hashtag #PlayApartTogether ? I see the alliances with these hashtag have a chance to ‘win’ a special avatar and I wondered what the odds are. Probably zero to none, but I like numbers and maths :smile: Like are they lower than summoning portal 5* odds or what hehe :innocent:

Well there was 2 prizes a week.

So if you have 100,000 active alliances (unlikely but let’s go with it) then there’s your odds.

I reckon it’s more like 30000 so 15000-1 odds.

We actually had someone’s Alt that was new and just advanced enough to start an alliance start one. At that time, there were nearly 300,000 Alliances if hers was dead last. One player, min level, next to no heroes and a keep that was not advanced much at all. We figured she had to be in last place. Out of that number, probably 40% of them could be considered Active competitively. That would make 120,000 active alliances if we are correct.

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