How many 4* do you keep in your bench?

Sorry for the lengthy post… Been on the game for about 3 months. I have a decent rainbow team which i use to push the map as well as hit titans.

This is my rainbow team
Sabina 4/40
Magni 3/50
Boldtusk +4
Caedmon 4/40
Wu kong 3/60

On the bench are my other 4s
Grazul 5
on lucky pull

I have about 4 3*s per color that i am also leveling up.

When I drew grazul, i thought to myself, i will eventually be able to field a 5rainbow team, and leave 4 to the 2nd-6th team (for alliance wars)-- and feed my 3*s? I guess.

My question is, for advanced players, how many 5*/4*/3* do you end up keeping in your roster?

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I keep about 30 best of 3* and all 4* and 5*…you never know😊


I have 12 maxed 5s and 5 at 3.70, 20 maxed 4s and a bunch on the way, 0 maxed 3s yet as I started all wrong and haven’t bothered to do them when I no longer needed them (have placed top 5% in 3* tourneys with unleveled feeders…).

I still keep all 5s I get but many will remain 1.1 or go to the academy, depending on what that turns out to be. Plan to level at least 30 4s and all new 5s I like.


I have 35 maxed 3*s lol, counting duplicates. That’s probably waaay too many over what I’d advice (which is around 15, 3 of each color or so).

25 is a good number too if you like color stacking mono for Challenge Events and raid tournaments

I have that many for challenge events and raid tournaments myself. Which is probably even excessive considering them. I’ll probably end up at 40 3*s maxed by the end of 2019


You will likely find that your needs will change as you play. If you have any interest in joining an alliance and fighting in wars, you will want a bare minimum of 6 fully leveled 4*s and 5*s of each color. Long-term (very long term, unless you’re willing to drop mega $$€€££$$) you’ll want 16 of each color. For now, I’d keep at least one copy of each 4* and 5* you pull, until you get a feel for how they fit into your playing style. And, for the love of all you hold sacred, don’t do like I did, early on, and feed away an extra copy of a HOTM. :confounded:

Edit: I don’t know why I replied to Kitten. This reply was meant for OP. Sorry if it caused any confusion, Kitten. :crazy_face:


I have been playing the game for just under 2 years now
I got 29 maxed 4* and the 30th at their last ascend
With changes in challenge events and raid tournaments restrictions i can fight mono with any color i like
Same goes for the 3*
For the 4* currently am leveling no duplicates but for 3* i do


My main has grimm, Proteus, Sumitomo, Colen, Sonya (x2), Li Xiu, Hu Tao, Chao, Ameonna, Danzaburo, and Kelile. My alt has Tibs, BT, Kashhrek, Sabina, Sonya, Jabbar, and Scarlett.


I’ve been in for a year now if you want to compare.

The rest are 3*/4* and dupes to level and 5* that I will wait and see what the hero academy has for me.


I was C2p, now F2p, playing for a bit more than 1.5 year.

I have 33x 4*, all the vanilla are maxed and 31x 3* maxed, a mix of vanilla and Atlantis heroes essentially.

I have 9x 5* maxed + 2 others on their way, but still have 10x5* wich I don’t plan leveling because 4* mats are difficult to get so I keep them for a safe usage.

I have some dupes 4* maxed , Kiril, Grimm or 3*, Namahage, Gato…
I am still leveling some 4* (2nd Tibs, Rigard), some 3* (Bauchan recently) and even some 2* for the raid tournament.

I like variety and for wars, it is interesting to have choices.


4* are the backbone of the game imo. Yes 5* are great don’t get me wrong, but even though I now have 2 maxed 5* in each colour I still use nearly all my many maxed 4* regularly. A team with a good balance of skills and appropriately stacked for whatever situation is way more important than always using maxed 5*.

I have nearly every vanilla 4* maxed.

With tourneys, challenge events and class quests, depth of bench is a huge advantage, and 4* are easier to get and easier to level than 5* and emblemed are up to anything you throw them at :slight_smile:


8 maxed 5* (and 3 in their last ascension)
33 maxed 4* (and counting)
20 maxed 3*

And a whole bunch of partials at 3-60, 3-70.

Choice (bench depth) is super important, as DBC says.


1 of each 4*., and a couples of dups. Like tins, grimm, gormek,

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For war depth I have almost 30 fully leveled 4* half with emblems and have dupes of Jackal, Wilbur and BT, I have two 3* emblemed teams of the best hero’s and a few others fully leveled, when I start leveling my fives when done with all the fours I’ll pull the emblems off the threes and give to the fives.


I would save only 2 3* hero per color for special quests. The rest feed up to bigger heroes. Keep all 4* with no duplicates (feed these as well to 5* or more important 4*) and keep all 5*. Do not ever feed these!

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As many as you can max. Roster space is cheap and judging by the level of your heroes after only 3 month of game play, you are a pretty big spender, so buying roster space isn’t going to be a problem. I remember, after three month of game play I was getting close to maxing my first rainbow 3* team, only had a couple of 4* heroes and nowhere near enough ascension mats to ascend any of them. Of course, I’m f2p and that was a long time ago…You already ascended 3 x 4* and one 5* which seems amazing to me after only 3 month…


I keep at least 5 3* of every color for stacking up to mono. Last event I went rare with 3 yellow and 2 green, worked very well, so for me it’s necessary.

4*: I keep every 4* I get and some dupes/triples.
Maxed are 23
Triples: Kiril, and if I get another, Rigard
Dupes: Wilbur, Rigard, Melendor, Sabina, Sonya, Grimm, Agwe at 3/60 (had no other blue at that moment), Wu Kong <= those I will keep - and Hu Tao at 3/60 and some more unleveled, where I’m not sure if I keep them or not (greens, reds, yellow)
I’d double Boldie and Proteus for sure.

5*: keep every

Thanks. Im actually only c2p. Ive only spent on the monthly vip 2x. I guess i have just been pretty lucky so far.

I think this sounds like good advise. By extension, i should probably aim for 5 sets of 4* in every color then right?

Thanks for all your inputs. It really helps me set my goals. :grinning:

Yes, I think so, but on the other hand, 4* almost collect themselves in the roster, 'cause normally you don’t feed them often to other heroes :smiley:

But when I look at my heroes: a duplicate Agwe is nonsense, real nonsense. I like him with Wilbur and Wu Kong, so he deals some damage, but alone without them, he’s too crappy…should have fed him away, he sits at 3/60 and isn’t useful. So sometimes it might be better not to keep the dupes for the sake of having 5 of each color, if the hero is not good or doesn’t fit to your playstyle (for example, I’m really bad with slow heroes, I think I’ll never use a dupe of Little John, but I keep one maxed for mana slow down, sometimes it’s useful).

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