How many 3 stars characters does one need

Been playing for 2 months and I’m beginning to accumulate a ton of 3 stars. Is it safe for me to feed multiples? Currently I am working on 4 stars and I do have a set of 3 stars for events leveled up

You need at least 30 heroes to effectively participate in Alliance Wars (AW). It is also good for AW if you have at least 6 healers.

For rare challenge events you need at least 10 fully ascended 3* heroes (two full rainbow teams).

All above that you probably don’t need. But I’d wait and keep them for some time because you never know, what the game will introduce in a future.

When I started playing I fed my ascended 3* to newly summoned 4* and when later Alliance Wars were announced I regret that I got rid of my 3*.


I kept one copy of each 3* except the really awful ones like Renfeld. I’d level and keep 2 of each color for the beginner level of events.

60 heroes for AW? LOL

Uups. My bad. :slight_smile: 30 heroes I meant of course. 6 teams 5 heroes each.

As you grow stronger and no longer using 3* heroes, you will still want to keep a minimum of 2 of each color if you want to complete all levels of events.

3*’s are very helpful for wars, events and even helping you complete hard quests

Gunnar, Kailani, Hawkmoon and Belith are must keeps. You’ll want to max and keep your healers. Gunnar and Kailani are extremely helpful for surviving difficult levels. Even keep them once you get Wilbur maxed just in case.

Keep your first Bane. He’s a great hitter, most people who use him as food end up regreting it

Keep Balthazar, best 3* hitter and keep in mind 4* dark hitters are rare. Tib is like the only normal one. For quite awhile Balthazar comes in handy for wars, events, and when you want to colorstack purple in raid offense.

Brienne can still be helpful for titans for a long time. Also handy in events, war etc.

The rest aren’t necessarily must keeps but i think they’re worth keeping.

Valen and Ulmer’sdefense down comes in handy. I mainly use Valen though. Ulmer is just when I run out of other blues to stack in war, but I still use him before Karil.

Berden and Azar are very good hitters.

Tyrum’s ability to dispell buffs from all enemies comes in handy


Thanks everyone for the help and suggestions. I will definitely level up some more 3 stars

Balthazar and Bane are really good heroes. Save at least 3 of them, each (I have 5 Bane and 3 Balthazar currently)

Any fast mana 3* hitter is a good idea to keep. I forget the green archers name, but he’s another one worth considering keeping multiples of.

You can really pile up the points in special events using those fast mana heavy hitters. That gets you better rewards!