How many 3* should i hold on to?

While waiting for AMs i sometimes have to feed 3* heros to make room in my roster. (I can hold 110 heros)
At what point do i have enough 3* heros to start feeding dupes to 4* and 5* heros?
1 fully maxed 3* team?
6 fully maxed 3* teams, to be able to overload a certain color quest?
This post is merely about feeding 3* heros until ascension materials are found for 4* and 5*…or the lack of feeding 3* heros.

I do this. With 2 spare in random colours in case an event has reflect for one colour

But some here get rid of all their 3* because they feel the effort and WE required is not really worth the Rare event reward

Comes down to Preference really. World Energy flask as reward for rare events is a great reward for me, but maybe not for others


If you want to compete on event rare you want to be able to 5 stack 3stars if one color, so you want to keep 5 of each color minimum. Preferably healers, fast hitters and the ones with high tile damage.

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That is true, but that is a commitment that most people are not going to make. You would have to put most of the game on hold while you focus all of your resources on 3*s. I have 200 slots and recently cut mine from 3 of each to 2 (the 3rd wasn’t leveled) because I know it will be forever before I feed them over my other heroes.

The minimum for me is 2 of each to account for reflecting enemies in events. Seems we have new ones in the future so at some point every color will probably be reflected.

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Honestly, the rewards are so lousy for Rare level of events—unless you plan on being top 10–that it’s enough to keep a team to get the participation token. And the first few levels have a great XP/flag ratio, otherwise, I keep 3* strictly for sentimental reasons.


I keep one of each 3* for no reason other than I have to catch em all.

Most are fully leveled.

Even though I keep one of each, you would lose almost nothing by keeping zero.

I am holding out hope that some day we may have a use for them.


Cannot be bothered with the rare events as others have said

I keep around 6 or 8 3* heroes for colour stacking during wars, mostly using Valen, Bane, Nashgar and similar, as they might get a shot away before the get put down. They are becoming increasingly useless though as we are getting tough opponents with teams all over 3000, most over 3500, and these guys just cop it from slash attacks

Haven’t taken any 3* heroes on the 8/9* titans we face for quite a few weeks

I think in a few months time when my 4* bench is levelled a bit more they will become even less relevant

You need to level a 3* rainbow team in the first couple of months of the game, but after that they are bit players in your E&P movie (wearing red shirts)


Another possible reason for 3* is the “Weekly Raid Challenge” from the 2019 preview post. In the example shown 4* are required so perhaps sometimes it will be 3*. Of course we don’t have any details on specific requirements and prizes so no telling if it is going to be worthwhile or not outside the top few finishers.


Good point. Despite your user name, that is a good long view to take. I won’t be feeding mine away just yet

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Keep in mind that hero classes are coming. The class events appear to limit you to only certain classes. I’m in beta and find myself needing to use some of my 3* for those events as I do not have enough 4* or 5* of certain classes. All in beta is still a work in progress and subject to change but you may find a need for them soon.


Thanks for the tip, I was about to feed Brienne to Obakan

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Personally I have no 3* hero’s, fed em off long ago, and any new ones get fed instantly to whatever 5* I am currently leveling. Honestly, the free summon token from rare events isn’t worth the hero slots 3*s take IMHO.

I’ve kept one of each. Because, you know, you gotta catch 'em all.


I got all regular 3 stars maxed and some like valen and bane I can 5 stack. Took me 4 months before getting my first 4 star.

Currently I level two new 3 stars in the month leading up to an event.

Did a count, and I have nearly 30 3*, 25 of which are maxed. There’s currently no other reason for this than sentimentality.

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I got 16 maxed but I plan to max some others from season 2.

I had use them in wars and use them only on challenge event now to complete the rare. I have maxed some 3* before some 4 (I had already a rainbow 4* team at the time) because I knew they will have there utility in wars.

Anyway I kind of like using them, it’s just simple and different.
I hope SGG will implement some contents requiring only those 3*.

If you don’t care much about the rare in challenge event and you want to progress further in the game (rare quest), I will push the 4* before the 3* and keep the 3* until you don’t need them in wars.

I agree with @Kerridoc

Imo best is to keep some 3*, maybe a rainbow, with good specials.

Examples: brienne, belith, valen, gunnar, kailani, bane, azar, nashgar, tyrum and maybe balthazar… I tend for healers as they are good in aw.

When ill have almost 30 4&5* most of the 3* will slowly be fed.

A lot depends on your current roster.

If you have 5 full teams of 4* and 5* then the number of 3*'s you should keep is going to be different to if you only have a couple of 4*/5* teams.

For me I built up 3 full rainbow teams then began on my 4*/5* heroes to ensure I had depth for wars.

I then slowly began to swap out the 3* heroes once I had viable 4*/5* replacements.

For me to complete events(not kidding myself i’ll ever compete on the leaderboards), I keep between two and three 3*'s of each colour.

All of those are pretty much fast mana snipers.

On top of that I also have 2 fully maxed Beliths and 2 fully maxed Hawkmoons on top of that.

That’s enough for me to complete the events quite comfortably and I wouldn’t waste resources on any more than that when they can be better spent elsewhere.

… Of course, that may all change next year when these new weekly events launch!

5 best of each colour. Duplicates are fine.

My current roster is not even complete with 4* heros. I have one 5* but not even bothering trying to level yet.
I play daily f2p but not hardcore, yet. Mostly just the daily chests and events, but i see myself getting more interested lately.
I had forgotten that sgg teased a little about 2019 comtent, maybe i will just hold on to those 3* dupes and level up a few to at leasr max skills.
This is what i currently work with…