How many 3*s have you leveled up?

I’ve been playing for two months (SH 17) and am about to reach a minor milestone of having fifteen 3* fully leveled and with maxed specials. When I started playing, I made a list of the three best from each color and waited until I got them from pulls or my TC13s. The only exceptions being Jahangir because I desperately needed a red and Gill-Ra who was my first season 2 hero. I intend on repeating this process building several teams of 4*, then eventually on to 5*.

3* maxed roster

Red: Hawkmoon, Azar, Jahangir

Blue: Valen, Ulmer, Gato

Green: Belith, Brienne, Berden

Yellow: Bane, Gan Ju, Kailani

Purple: Balthezar, Tyrum, Gill-Ra

4* roster

Sabina 3/35, Chao 3/15, Caedmon 3/32, Sonya 3/60, Scarlett 1/35

5* roster

Drake Fong 1/1


I worked on only one hero at a time from each color. All 1*/2* feeders go into their respective 3* colored hero. My 4* team are fed excess 3* from my TC13s plus any trainers. Feeders in situations where I don’t have a same colored 3* to work on are also fed to my 4*team.

My thoughts

The disadvantage is that my 4* team isn’t as powerful as it could be since I’ve spent most of my time on 3*. However, the advantages to having all the 3* outweigh the disadvantages imo.

I can construct a team lower in power, but better suited to handle any given situation; whether it be a boss, a titan or a raid.

I can fight in wars with four decent teams and two unleveled rather than one strong and five unleveled.

Working on my 3*, has given me time to collect 4* heroes and ascension mats allowing me to choose how and where I spend resources.

And finally, I find it more enjoyable mixing and matching my lineup based on a strategy rather than using the same 5 heroes for everything. Perhaps one day I will have a full roster of maxed out 5*, but that is a long way away. Having a hoard of 3* is making the journey a bit more interesting.

Your thoughts

Have I been wasting my time?. Is it standard to have lots of 3*? If not, what are the drawbacks? How many 3* have you leveled up?


I still enjoy my levelled 3* for events and the last few war teams

As a f2p player I used them for some time and built up an irrational attachment to some of them!

My levelled 3*

Some are still good for a 4* war team - Tyrum and Belith are handy for a riposte tank when I’m out of dispellers.

Melia is a little firecracker and I use her as a baby Wu.


I’m c2p, I like the VIP pass. Nice lineup! Melia sounds interesting. If she drops in the next season two, perhaps I’ll add her :slight_smile:

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I have 14 fully leveled 3 star heros, at least 2 of each color to allow doubling the strong color and benching whatever is being reflected during the events. I almost have enough 4 and 5 star heros where I don’t need any 3 star heros during war, but I’m not quite there yet. In the group, there are 3 stragglers who dont have their special skill maxed out yet.

Bane, Dawa, Gan Ju, Kailani
Graymane, Ulmer
Azar, Hawkmoon, Nashgar
Balthazar, Tyrum
Belith, Brienne, Hisan

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hi, F2P player, i’m using 3s just below, in AW and challenge event

green : belith / barden / brienne
red : Nash / Jahagnir
Blue : Valen / Ulmer
Purple : Balthazar / Tyrum
Yellow : Bane * 2

love them, on 7* blue titan, i use brienne with gregorian, great combo. i have to heal her with potion ( one or twoshot lol ) but she’s powerfull for a three star!!

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Good to hear that at least some of the 3s are viable even late in the game. I’d definitely keep Hisan and that rabbit character if I ever get them…

Dark: Balthazar, Chochin, Gil-Ra, Tyrum, Renfeld (duh)
Holy: Arman, Gan-ju, Bane, Kailani
Blue: Ulmer, Valen, Gunnar
Green: Belith, Brienne, Brenden, Hisan, Isshtak, Friar Tuck (wtf)
Red: Hawkmoon, Nashgar, 2*Squire wabbit

Think I haven’t cleaned the house in a while :slight_smile:

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22 and two are waiting :slight_smile:

Question is whether you can finish a rare quest. When you focus more on the 4/5* heroes, you will see how not winning ascension materials when possible set you back.

Frostmarch is playing now, so you can see if your current roster can get you through.

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some three stars of s2 are fun. but holy crap, atlantid portal is not here, and no way to get them in TC…erf!!!

s2 characters are made to be bought :cold_sweat:

24 so far.

Red: Azar, Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Jahangir, Squire Wabbit and Namahage
Green: Belith, Brienne, Berden, Hisan, Mnesseus
Blue: Valen, Gunner, Ulmer, Gato
Purple: Balthazar x2, Tyrum, Chochin, and Gill-ra
Yellow: Bane, Kailani, Gan Ju, Arman, Melia


@NPNKY That’s a lot of 3s!

Your «10 things I wish I knew… » really helped me get started. That was the first forum topic I read here. Thanks for all your well written posts! They definitely help new players like myself:-)


They’re quick and easy to level, and very useful in wars and events for color stacking. Not so good against higher level titans though


I decided some time ago that I was going to invest in a thirty 3* hero army. They are versatile & it’s easy & fun to level them up. Ascension/leveling doesn’t take forever and you don’t have to go hunting for all these weird Ascension items like 4* & 5*; you get them as you work the map.

As you know, some three stars are better than others. I have 3 Hawkmoon & 3 Friar Tucks (you can’t have too many Healers), 2 berden, 2 tyrum, 2 balthazar, 2 bane, 2 greymane, 2 Ulmers, 2 valen, azar, jehanger, nashgar, brienne, carver, dawa, gan ju, kailani, prisca & oberon.

They’re handy to use for events, titans, raids & war, of course (plenty of color combos).

Limitations: can’t get past province 20 without turning your 3* heroes into dog meat. I needed two 4* star Heroes to help me complete season 1.
Limited use on titans, raids, & 4*/5* battlefields as you encounter more & more 4* & 5* heroes.

I tried to start up a 3* star Army Alliance once, but didn’t get a lot of interest (now is not the time to start up a new Alliance of any kind–too many players are fed up with time/effort it takes to get crappy titan & alliance war loot & are leaving alliances).

Nonetheless, I can hardly wait till the next Alliance War!


I think we should have more rules at wars. No healers, no fast mana, only 3*s and so on. But i don’t think many share this opinion either.

I’d like to see rare (3*) Alliance Wars as they do for special events. I think there’s a demand for it; I just don’t know how many people have 30, 3*heroes fully levelled & ready for battle.

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Cr2P here… playing since January.

23 S1 3* heroes are fully leveled on my roster, waiting for one Ishhtak to finish. No duplicates. I don’t have any event 3* heroes on my roster (Spring Easter, Summer Sands).

Last Atlantis Summons I used my Atlantis coins to pull Mnesseus, so he’ll be waiting in the wings to be leveled up. Let’s see if someone else joins him when Atlantis opens up later sometimes next week.

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I only have 8 maxed and 11 total. As i was getting 4* i stopped the 3*. 3* Events aren’t worth completion and they are not very good at wars, and now i’m almost completing my 30 heros bench at least at 3/60. In this war I think i’ll need only a purple and a yellow next wednesday i think i’ll be done. Unfortunately 3* don’t have any use in late game, only 4 days per month in a event with bad rewards.

Wow! That’s a lot of 3s. I haven’t played long enough to consider making several of the same hero, but I can see that can be quite strong. GL in the coming AW. My alliance is severely outmatched, but that is another post…

i personally would not spend time or resources on leveling up a large number of 3*. it wont be long before they are all obsolete, especially once you get to TC20. feeding them away once you get 4*, you get back like 10% of what you invested in them (i don’t know the actual number but it’s not very much).

i just started a 2nd account and goal was just to build a team that can auto 8-7 and head straight for tc20.
i already have two good 4* from gold tokens (wu and melendor) and am investing in those since they will be useful for a long long time. i got 3x 3* up far enough to handle 8-7. i drop cups to easily take on raids. i’m building tc14 now and the account is 20 days old. double builder hasn’t helped speed things up much since i’m always short on iron. I haven’t (and won’t) spend any other $$ on this account.

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