How many 3* duplicates do you need?

At the moment I tend not to keep duplicates of 3* or 4* heroes. I have a reasonably strong stable of 3* heroes in each colour and have a range of different hero types which I use in tournaments etc.

My 3* star heroes are as follows:

Purple - Balthazar +3, Tyrum (c) +9, Bjorn-1 +2, Guardian Bat +1, Bjorn-2, Chochin, Gil-Ra, An-Windr, Renfield
Yellow- Kvasir +4, Bane +3, Melia-1 +3, Pixie +2, Melia-2, Gan Ju, Agnes, Arman
Blue - Nodri +11, Gunnar (c) +6, Gato +3, Valen +3, Vodnik, Chick Jr, Karil
Green - Mnesseus +5, Isstak +3, Belith (c) +3, Brienne (c) +1, Muggy +1, Shrubbear +1, Grevle +1, Carver (c), Berden, Hisan, By-Ulf
Red - Hawkmoon (c) +15, Nashgar +4, Rudolf +3, Bauchan +2, Azar (c) +2, Squire Wabbit +2, Namahage, Ei-Dunn, Jahangir

As I said at the top I generally don’t keep duplicates, but I do have a couple of doubles above and also have the following heroes waiting to be ascended…

Guardian Bat, Agnes, By-Ulf, Gato, Mnesseus, Squire Wabbit

The question is do I need these? Are there any 3* heroes it is worth saving a double in? Grateful for all your wisdom…

Also which do you think are particularly worth giving the odd emblem too, given most go to my 4/5* heroes?

Grumpy’s Marauders

I have 3 Namahages and 3 Bjorns. Only other one I have dupes of is 2 Pixies and 2 Gato’s.

For challenges I need to consider my greens though. Multiple Isshtaaks seems to be the current way to go.

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This is my 3* Roster:

I have no emblems on any of them… Just no point tbh…

Click for reasons for above statement

1 - No point in tournaments… Doesn’t change the fact that you will face max emblemed heroes quickly… For example I already face +100 teams on Day 2 usually… So why accellarate that?

For the record, the emblems would be unlikely to improve my offence capacity as I usually make it to Day 5 of 3* tournaments… And my defence is normally A-Grade anyways.

2 - Not needed for Challenge Events…
I always finish Rare without any issues. Also manage to hit my desired reward bracket (raid flask) without needing any re-runs.
Could easily push into top 1k if I wanted to but haven’t felt the urge to spend the WE or items to do so.

3 - Payback is TERRIBLE…
Quick “back of the envelope maths”:

  • On average you earn 15 emblems for top 1% tournament loot.
  • There are 10 classes of emblems so that’s 1.5 emblems (on average) per 3* tournament.
  • 3* tournaments account for just 29% of tournaments (round to 30%)
  • So that’s a rate of 0.45 emblems per week back.
  • To take a 3* to +20 costs a total of 233 emblems.
  • So to “pay back” the investment you need to play a total of 517 weeks (9.95 years)

Hence not worth it.

I have 1x of each hero (collection) & the following Duplicates:

  • Reds:
    • 4x Rudolph - Main team in Challenge Events + Costume Hawkmoon
    • 2x Azar - For the costume really… sometimes swap in for Events but MAINLY for Tournaments
    • 2x Ei-Dunn - For Tournaments. She & Costume Azar are BOSS mode.
    • 2x Squire Wabbit - Sometimes swap them in for 2x Rudolph as they hit a bit harder.
  • Blue
    • 2x Chick Jnr - Mainly for a Blue Event Team (Nordri, C-Gunnar, Chick, Gato, Chick)… Also very handy to Sandwich a Gato to BOSS out a Tournament.
    • 2x Gato - residual from before I got the 2x Chick Jnr. But handy for Buff Booster Tournaments to have one at each flank.
  • Green
    • 2x Berden - For Tournaments as a fast sniper but also mainly for Challenge Events…
    • 2x Hissan - As above. I sometimes run a mono green for challenge events (C-Brienne, Berden, Berden, Hisan, Hisan)
  • Yellow
    • 2x Pixie - Mainly for Tournaments here. Basically a Mini Hansel.
    • 2x Bane - Fast Sniper! for when I use a Mono-Yellow for Challenge Events (not often but: Melia, Bane, Bane, Agnes, Agnes)
    • 2x Agnes - Very big sniping damage so is great for Tournaments. Also goes into the mono yellow Challenge Event team when I use it.
    • 2x Melia - Buff Boosting… Probably will eat one of her tho as I don’t need/use the second much anymore
  • Purple
    • 2x Bjorn - Great for use in Tournaments! Also use in Challenge Event if I am using a mono-purple team (Gill-Ra, Bjorn, Bjorn, Balthazar, G-Bat)
    • 2x Guardian Bat - completely for Tournaments. Hits super hard & is a pretty good wing.

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


@Guvnor has very well summed up which heroes you might want to level duplicates of. Just to add to what he said, I think that you only really need duplicates if you plan to compete in the challenge events. And I say compete as in shooting for top 1000 or better. You can easily get top 10k in rare mode without duplicates of heroes imo. E.g, instead of multiple Namahage/Wabbit/Rudolf, you can use 1 Namahage, 1 Wabbit, 1 rudolf and supplement with Azar and Nashgar. Tbh with a team like the latter, you can still probably get top 1k in rare mode.

If you mostly use your 3* heroes in tournaments and don’t shoot for top 1k in challenge events, then I think it’s only necessary to have doubles of certain heroes like snipers (ex: Balthazar, Namahage, Bane, Agnes, Berden, Gato, etc) or mana control heroes (pixie). It will strengthen your 3* offense in tournaments a lot and can potentially help your defense too.


Heroes that effect 3 to have effect on the full team.

With his ability he protects 3 heroes. If you want to protect the full team you need 2 on the flanks…super super effective.

Others I can think of:
By-Ulf, Nordri, Chochin, Ei-Dunn, AzarC, RenfieldC, IsshtakC…

If you wanna go high on events then multiple copies of Namahage, Rudolph or Squire Wabbit are the way to go. Namahage is the most easy one to get and probably the most effective, too.
I remember facing a team of Gunnar & 4 Namahage…3 of them +20…it was brutal…if the forth would have been +20, too I would have lost.

Costumes changed the reason to keep duplicate heroes if you want to use both versions on the same team.

Tyrum - both dispell and cleanse (Sonya, Caedmon in 4* territory) useful for tourneys

I have maxed the following 3* twice : Gato, Tyrum, Berden, Belith

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A small point/just a thought.

In the event that you have more than the 2 suggested duplicates, I would keep the extras only because the special skill for 3* usually do not get maxed when the hero has been fully levelled. Thus feeding the maxed hero with a duplicate would result in a 100% chance for the special skill to be levelled. It’s just efficient rather than feeding 10 1* or 5 2*. But of course only if you have the roster space. I know it’s not always practical to keep so many duplicates and the duplicates are sometimes better off fed to level up another hero.


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I like to collect, so I never save any 3* dupes. I also keep the “useless” hero such as dawa, oberon, etc because of the same reason :sweat_smile:


Kvasir and Rudolph are fast and make minions, which is a cheat around the Bloody Battle tournaments. Love them.

ETA: I’m working on Rudolph #2 now.

Also: Why did my post need to be approved? Never saw that before.

You commented “multiple Isshtaks seems to be the way to go”

Can you expand on why this is the case, he doesnt seem as well-powered as other heroes?

In events you need to score as many points as possible so in rare heroes that hit multiple enemies are considered the hero’s to use for clearing the mobs quickly. Green is strongest in Avalon where it’s reflect blue (and green is strong). Karil is considered the best for the reflects red event and Red is the strongest colour in the last 3 due to the heroes they have.

So in the last event the top 1000 all were using mono green with at least 2 Ishtaaks. The first place did the last level with 5 fully emblemed ones I think


Depends how you play as stated if you want to score higher in events or even the 3* tournament to get higher, than there decent 3* to keep dupes of. If you play like me just happy to clear events keep my score so I get the extra flask at the end I normally end up in the top 10% of tournament with out any emblems on my 3* (well bane has 1 as its bane).
@DaveCozy is a 3* knowledge guru maybe he can help

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