How many 1*s needed to level from 3/70 to 4/80?

Hello. Upon receipt of my next d-blade (after next rare quest), I will be taking Guinevere from 3/70 to 4/80. I am currently stockpiling recruits in TC11 for this purpose and will use TC 19 to create any remaining heroes required. I have about 800 recruits in TC 11 now.

How many recruits (approximately) would be needed to go from 3/70 to 4/80 assuming you start with 0 heroes in your inventory?

There’s a thread with experience calculations and formulae in the player guides forum.

Taking the calculated experience required for 4/1 to 4/80 of 173498 and dividing by 150 (assuming impossibly worst case of no yellow feeders) and the result is 1157 1* feeders needed, rounding up.

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Another reference


Many thanks to both of you! :bowing_man:

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I don’t know specifics, but I have maxed out both Joon and Lady Locke. The fourth tier is very expensive and slow. I took me about seven days each and near the top was consuming around 35 1* heros and 350,000 food per level (don’t quote me). Best advice is don’t divide your resources, but solely concentrate on your five star task at hand.

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The president probably will frown on my talking to a canuck, but gotta know…you said recruits in tc11…how many feeder heroes?

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Hi @Bud, perhaps I used the wrong terminology. Here is what I have in TC11:

I will move whatever is left of them after a few days (when the Damascus blade should arrive) to TC19. This should generate sufficient “feeders” to level Guinevere from 3/70 to 4/80 very quickly. Of course I will keep adding recruits to TC11 over this period.

What did I miss in your question?

There is the number below by collect button shows both finished and queued.

Ah! That would be zero…I collect them as they are ready (I just can’t seem to ignore that damn hero icon when they are ready!) Lol.

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Took me forever to learn to tap under, not on


If one has many heroes that need feeding, then I urge the following training path:

  • matched-color training. It’s notjust to get the special ability up, it’s also a 20% bonus on experience. That bonus really adds up.
  • stop using 1* to feed 5* at about 4-40. Those last levels are expensive, and the cost per hero is the same. Use those 1* to start your next (color) hero, while you use 2* and trainers to max the high-tier hero
  • consider stopping at 4-70. The last 10 levels are brutally expensive. Weigh the value of using all those feeders and hams to bring up another hero. For wars, you will be more effective having a full bench of heroes at 4-70 than having some 4-80s and not much else.

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