How long will it take til we get to the promise land



Does anyone know how many provinces open up next month. Hopefully they open a bigger chunk like P4-P9. I know why they do it so more of season 1 players can catch up. But if it’s only just 3 provinces at a time, 24 provinces is going to take 8months to complete, it will take foreever before we see inside Atlantis…


3 provinces at a time, you can count on that. It’s meant to take us quite a few months indeed before we get there.


You want to tell me you’ve already finished the hard levels? On the S2?


I finished easy and hard 5 days into season 2. I have been patiently waiting


Yeah same here, I’ve got nearly 100 Atlantis coins just other rewards


I didnt just complete hard and easy I completed them both twice haha. Then I went back to farm season 1 p20-p23…


At least you’re patiently waiting with a timer telling you exactly how long you’re going to have to wait. Remember this one: [SNEAK PEEK] Season 2! ?

LOL I’m going to bust a gut in laughter when they only release 1 province in 5 days. Instead of a whopping 3. I almost want SG to do that. Yeah, it’s Friday and I’m slowly but surely getting into -that- mood. Beware.


Someone has been a’ slackin’… :stuck_out_tongue:


I finished easy and hard s2
I replay just To get the avatars :smile:


I couldn’t finish the hard levels.
I am noob :wink:


Dont know your line up but 2 healers
Axes and arrows
Should be good enough


but I like how they already had Tarlak design finished and it still took them more than half a year xD


I don’t have many options. Wasn’t lucky in pulling heros :frowning_face:


3 province, 8 months Is likely. It would keep people playing another year. Especially if you only just started. Some people have played season 1 for 14months.


They also need to finish designing all the new 5* heroes we will encounter along the way. We’ve met two, Tarlak and Misandra, and a third, Mok-Arr, has been tested in beta. Nasty shark dude who deals much damage to friends and foes alike. No other S2 5* in beta, so I’m guessing we’ll meet Mok-Arr only in these new provinces. So, three S2 5* in six provinces, puts us on track for twelve total S2 5* across 24 provinces. I look forward to what they come up with!


I suspect the teaser post originally announcing Season 2 has silhouettes of some of the planned Season 2 5* - the one in the front seems to be Tarlak.
The others look like a kitsune, some sort of crab man, and something that appears to me to be a Japanese noblewoman - but there are things in Japanese myth that can look like that but aren’t…


There’s a hammerhead shark in there.


If you look at the Bosses in the first 3 provinces I suspect they’ve given us a preview of two new heroes (probably not 5*). There’s Tarlek and Gato, who we already have. I wonder if that means we’ll see Stegosaurian and Emporer Moth in the next release as 3* or 4* heroes?


That’s Mok-Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr.


The only S2 hero we’ve seen in beta but not in production is amok-Arr.