How Long Wait on 4* Titan Loot? 90+ days

Hi. It is impossible but i don’t get 4* loot more then 90 days.
The alliance regularly hits 10-12* titans, my rank is B-A+.
But there is no loot. It is unfair and discourages the desire to play

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If you’re talking JUST from titan loot, that’s pretty normal.

Really? Is it a ok 90 day without loot? i wrote about tonic, telescope…
(I have 65 level, 11-12* titans.)

Yes. This seems relatively normal. I am in a similar streak myself.

I think i get more from mystic vision than from titans. That may be an exaggeration , but that is how i feel!

Just keep your chin up and use what you have



and 20 characters

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Haha your be lucky to get a 4* mat from a rare titan :wink:

I get 2 4* per month from titan kills most of the time.

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Since Dec. When we moved up to 8* and higher I’ve been getting 1-3 a month 8-10*, mostly A+.

Loot isn’t tied to the Star of the titan but instead the Titan Loot Tier you get (I.e. II, XI, XVI etc…).

Nothing is EVER a guarantee with the loot but you can see from my data project that the 4* Ascension Material Loot Drops are quite rare.


I track my loot.

I haven’t gotten a 4 star ascension mat from any chest or titan kill since June 23, 2019.

I score A+ about 1/3 of the time and A the remaining times. We kill 9-12 star titans over that stretch

Mystic Vision in that time has given me 5 4* items.

90 days is preseason for me

Same for me - i get more 4 star ascension items from mystic quest and regular chests - all i ever get from titans is all that titan parts garbage i NEVER use

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Now see I keep reading posts from people telling me that I’ll get better loot if I kill bigger titans. My alliance mostly kills 5s and 6s. I know I’m good enough to help kill much bigger beasts myself if I were to join a bigger alliance, but I didn’t want to leave my little pals behind just for a chance at slightly better loot elsewhere.

Turns out your A/A+ loot on 9s-12s isn’t any better than my A/A+ loot on 5s and 6s. Same as you, I’ve also had better luck from Mystic Vision.

So somebody remind me again, what is the point of being in a higher level alliance? Harder wars… stricter requirements… potentially more drama… really the only thing I thought I was missing out on was better loot. Turns out I’m not missing out on anything at all.

Here is my 4* Ascension Materials from Titans for the last 14 months:

Edit: Been killing 11* plus for pretty much the entire time. Usually A or A+ grade (so loot tier XIII or above)

Edit 2: a couple of these are bonus items from rare titans… Think 3…?

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That seems… quite a bit different from @Halifax’s experience. :thinking:

I’d say it must be the inherent invisible “Moderator Loot Bonus”, but then how do we account for poor Rook? Seems it’s time to pull out the picket signs, “Equal Pay For Equal Work!”

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Haha remember I’m only a mod since Feb/ March :stuck_out_tongue: before that I was just a regular plain joe

Yep, I do remember that.

Remember that many of my posts are intended to be tongue-in-cheek. :wink:

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June 23, 2019 - green rare chest gives me a D Blade

Since, nothing even from the 24 rare chests I’ve received since.


Sorry that was supposed to say “rare titans”…

Ide like to rub it in a bit with my morning loot


I don’t see the mystic vision thread among recents anymore. Did MV die for everyone? It used to be a nice drop source for when I was feeling down. Still drops emblems at a steady clip.
Titan loot tier mainly 12-13, but up to 15. Main source of 4* mats is those rare quests.

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