How long until they make it tedious

this new tower is really cool ,i enjoy playing it but how long will it take until they change it and its frustrating for the player

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Negative three years?

Every Tower has always come with Tedium as a feature. I do like the “rolling blackout” element, that’s an interesting twist and less personally stressful than the Oni curses (the fact that there’s a positive effect for matching a special tile is a truly welcome development!), but … yeah, Towers of all flavors always eventually outstrip my focus.


I have yet to finish any tower, and I am not holding my breath about this one. Yes, yes, free stuff yada yada but always seem to me like more of a(n aggravating) time sink than anything else.

In fairness, they did make this one different than the others. And I see it less tedious. If they wanted to keep the old format, I don’t see why they would create a new one and then revert to the old. I think this one will stay the same, but who knows?


I managed to use the first 10 flags. Inertia has set in. Hope I get around to today’s 10 flags. :rofl::joy:


I remember the ninja tower started with 50 levels and then they raised it to 75, I hope they don’t change this

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It’s a twist on Halloween on ‘roids.

I like it but I’m not rushing with battle items and averaging 7 minutes per floor on impossible :yawning_face:

Totally agree which is why i auto play them. Even with the curse towers i can get to around floor 23 doing that then i just play the last 2 levela of normal

The reduction of blessing has made playing this tower a chore. Making the game play out longer does not equate to raising its difficulty

Don’t know until when, but for now I am happy to have completed the normal level, even with a very small rooster.

I don’t play the tower events at all. Just a pile of trash. Not to mention you don’t get enough energy to complete it. (That’s how the other towers are at least) Not worth the time at all.

You can complete this one without any extra energy needs if you never drop a level