How long time you need to collect 3000 gems with out spend any money?

One reason that don’t delete the game till now many players spent a lot of money before.
But now releasing so many heroes is insane for them and in next months will deleted because they will think tha is waste of time.
It will became more difficult with less items to win.
In order to get one hero as the comments above you have to be 1% lucky every 3 - 6 or more months depending on your play style.
I just say give some motivation on your old players.

Gems are not the only way to summon, here are the hero summoming currency (which have the probability of 5*) I get each months:
1000 gems
25 Costume Keys
23 Challenge Coins
100 Tower Coins
250 Atlantis Coins
Forgettable Valhalla Coins
Forgettable Underwild Coins
240 Dunes Coins
I forget the details for Taverns, Alliance Quest, and 3 Kingdom (I just assume 2 tavern summon, 1 alliance summon, and 1 3 kingdom summon every 2 months)
Anything I miss?

So in total, that translate to 40 + 96 + 60 + 27 + 12 + 30 + 28 + 24 = 317 free summons per year for me. I am too active… I think I need to cut my game time…

The probability for S1 (non-costume) is 1%*
The probability for non-S1 non-HotM is 1.5%
The probability for HotM is 1.3%

*costume chamber is a bit different but considering some of them are dupes for me, I’ll just keep it like that.

With 317 summons, the expected outcome is 3.17 S1 and 6.91 non-S1.

I already have all S1 so I will convert that 3.17 S1 in HA. HA is once a week, so it is 52 per year. The chance for non-S1 or S1 costume is 1 - 0.95×0.95 = 9.75% which means the expected outcome is 5.07 non-S1 per year which also means that 3.17 S1 is not enough for the fuel. However, I keep 1 TC 20 running which will give me 5% × 365/2 = 9.125 S1 for the fuel.

It left me with 3.17 + 9.125 - 5.07 = 7.225 S1

For soul exchange, that worth 7.225/20 = 0.36 hero

So in the end, it is 6.91 + 5.07 + 0.36 = 12.34 non-S1 or costume per year (12 to 13 per year) for me. Some of them might be dupes.

Am I satisfied? No, they are bound to have costume, 2nd costume, 3rd costume, etc which is crazy. The ceiling is way too high, honestly speaking, the announcement of 2nd costume took away a lot of my enthusiasm to keep playing this game. The multiple costume destroy hope.


I pulled with all my gems on first Festival, in December I think. Now, after 6 months I have about 3800 gems + some spending:

  • bought roster space twice
  • paid for tournament revive several times
  • spent some gems on shortening chest cooldown (about 10 gems/week)

so it means getting about 700 gems/month. 5 months to collect enough for a 10-pull
But gem pulls are not that important if you are F2P, in the time needed to collect coins for a 10-pull I had 146 pulls from the “premium” portals from other sources (new season stages, wanted chests, MV, challenge events, Titan & war loot, towers etc.). So on average in this half year you should get six 5* heroes from portals only, not counting what TC20 spits out.
I had a lot of luck, as I pulled not six, but eleven 5* and only one of them was uncostumed S1.

Really depends on your free time and will to play - how often you complete chests, amount of titans you are defeating etc. There is no simple answer except “too long”.

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You mention 250 Atlantis coins per month. I am a fully active player who uses all his WE flasks on AR and I get only about 100 Atlantis coins per month.
Are you farming specific Atlantis sections which are known to have a higher rate of sea dragons/coins?

Wow … I have to admit that you did a lot of job here and thank you for that.

As I see of your detailed message yeah they give some this is something that they have to do it anyway.
But you have to be active a lot f hours for that and according your last comment you are not happy.
There are many players that they don’t have a lot of time to spend
Other players they have.
My main idea is to be a motivation for both kinds of players in the winning rate of heroes especially now that release and will keep releasing more and more heroes as a result the hole of the game to became more harder.

They must to increase the free gems immediately in order to win 100 to 150 per day according your playing style.
The main reason is that the new heroes are powered now near to 1000 this is a game change. So they must to give a motivation for that.
Otherwise you have to spend a lot of money just to be competitive just for the fun.
In the next 2 years how many heroes the are going to release according this rate ? And how many you will going to have them without money? As we see is a joke. And many players are going to delete this game. Will remain only the players that have big wallet .

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How many players have your luck ? :joy:

Please do not go all pitchfork on me, but I do believe, that those spending lots of money on the game should be able to progress further than those of us who do not. All within moderation of course.

But. There comes a time where the climb to the top is so uphill, that all our efforts can seem in vain considering the enormous powercreep.

I do like the idea of offering just a few rewards for being level xx. For spending xx amount of hours on the game etc.

Would it be that terrible if players were able to pick just ONE hero a year of their choice and then get it?

There are so many things that could be done to boost player happiness. But none of that boosts the game developer’s paycheck.

So here we are.


You ever been to Disneyland and waited in line for Toy Story Mania … without a Fast Pass? That’s about how long it will take you to get 3000 gems without spending money.


i suggest targettting a specific hero (my example sergei) and going after 2600 gems (my example, magic portal). and yes, it’s about 4-6 months f2p ‘journey’.
(my example: from last magic portal i’m at ~1.1k gems now. was between 0-299 after last magic/solstice portal) > fyi, with new 28days pov you get 150 gems every month

p.s. don’t stray from your ‘road’ and keep those gems

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I use around 20 world energy flasks per AR, all at 13-1 Hard (best for seadragon according to my research).


to equate it, I didn’t get any 5* from TC20 (working round the clock) and no 4* troops (in over 100 pulls) in this time :wink:

With tickets 13-1 and sometimes I go 1-7 autoboy on a difficult one. About 20 bottles - enough for 2 jerks.

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On June 6 I have got 157 gems, and today on June 24 I have got 959.

So I have received 802 gems over 18 days

150 is given by POV which is now a monthly event. (28 day long)
So I have received 652 gems from other sources. (I have not bought any offers, and I have not received gems as gift from team mates)

So for a 28 day period I should be able to get 1014 gems from other source + 150 from POV.

So in total 1164 gems / 28 days
Which eguals to 15173 gems in 365 days.
So 3000 gems can be received in every 72 days in average.

Side note:
I am not buying myself back to tournaments.
I may spend about 1 or 2 gems for speed up chests a day.

I am filling up 2 monster chests a day, and 2 raid chest during tournaments, and 1 raid chest after the tournment ended for me,.


Simply taking away gems “you paid for” and counting the rest as “free” is a bit disingenious. This is a pretty silly argument since the number we’re looking for depends so much on how developed an account is and how much time a person is willing to spend. I’m taking 1000/month as a reasonable estimate for a dedicated f2p player with a decent level of development and the support of an alliance, for titans/wars/etc. Of course you would have less if you were just starting out, or choose not to play with an alliance. You can cut it to zero/month if you don’t play regularly. So arguing about what the perfect number is wont get us anywhere. 1000/month is reasonable, with a typical set of assumptions.


I did around 1500 pulls in 15 months of play and got almost nothing of value. Only Hotms and occasional s4 5*

That says a lot more about your value system than it does about the pulls.

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You can save some 900-1000 gems every month without paying.
Lets calculate:
9 Mystic Visions a day with an average of two gems: 18
Three chests (monster and hero) with three gems gives 9.
A titan per day, another three gems.
Thats 30 gems per day, thats 900 gems per month. Now add 150 gems from pov, three elemental chests per month with an average of 30 gems gives another 90 gems. Then there are up to six titan chests per month with an average of 5 gems yields another 30 gems, and the two „collect gems“ quest gives 28 gems.
The sum is 1198 free gems per month.
Now buy in back in the tournament twice every month, and spend 48 gems every month for speeding up some chests. That will give you a net gain of 1000 gems every month, or a 10 pull every quarter.

There are portals where the 10-pull costs only 2600 gems. Use them and buy extra teams and roster space from the saved gems.

Happy gaming


Agreed. But that is something I would expect to get as a f2p. I know many f2p that got twice the better heroes from 10 times less pulls compared to me.

That’s why I try to stress, it’s not about the money but about luck. Not counting whales here because some people pull until they get the hero no matter the cost. I usually stop at around 100 pulls

What is really being missed here is that most f2p players aren’t trying to get that 1% hero. That is the target of the spenders – as it should be. In general f2p (and c2p as well) who target the 1% heroes are the ones who get frustrated and quit over that.

Plus, the expected return for that 1% hero is ten 10-pulls. So even at three times the gem drop rate you are still feeling the frustration.

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