How long time you need to collect 3000 gems with out spend any money?

I thing the philosophy of the game is at least greedy. Also I notice many players are delete this magnificent game for the above reason. The treatment of the players is at least unacceptable especially to the old one that love this game and they prove it so many years now. As a result this players delete this game fore ever. As we see till now new heroes coming stronger. In order to be competitive the only way is to spend money. This philosophy does not give the opportunity to collect gems with patience. As example in order to get 3000 gems without spend money you will need SIX MONTHS AS PER BELOW COMMENTS + 2 MONTHS DEPENDING OF PLAYING ( original was one year ) . When you reach that amount then you have 1 % in the 10 summon to get a 5 star hero. How fair is this situation???

Also to mention that the rate of the new heroes is mad.
The point of my thought is to get JUST ONE hero. JUST ONE of all new heroes.

A simple idea is the below

  1. according you level for example lvl 50 , lvl 60 , level 70 etc to win in the mystery box the same or more gems
  2. when you play every game as example raids , challenge , quest etc in every game to win 10 or 15 gems depending your lever as above …

This is a simply idea just to became the game a little fair. To be capable to collect this amount of gems at most in 3 months.
This will be very fair to the old players also they will be motivation for the new.

This is my thoughts.


I don’t buy gems. I spent 3000 in the first Challenge Festival for a 10-pull (last February). Four months later I have saved 1800 towards my next 10-pull. So, 3000 gems in 7-8 months?

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I agree, if you play everyday you can get 3K in about 6-8 months. I spent 3000 gems in March and sitting at 1200 now

Yeah maybe at least 7 to 8 months maybe way more . And I thing in general a way more just to get 3000 gems with 1% to get a 5 star hero. I think this is to much especially for the old players … it’s unfair also a lot of old players are leaving this game for this reason.
And in order to play everyday they must give us some clever motivation don’t you think ?

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I think the old players are leaving more out of frustration with the constant power creep and just general fatigue with the game. I sometimes feel that way myself after 4-1/2 years.

I frankly don’t see the paltry flow of gems as one of the reasons. It has always been that way. Complaining about that is like complaining about the paltry 20% of oxygen in air when 78% is that useless nitrogen stuff.


Seems like my old number was around 160 gems per week. Maybe false memories:).

I think I’ll log my gem collections per full valor cycle. I do purchase the share the gems offers with my alliance, I will make sure to account for them differently if one is offered.

This is a reason too. But till now I discuss with many players and told me the reason is the game is greedy.
For example the last months many new heroes are coming this is very good but the bad situation is to get them at least one you have you wait at least 8 month in the best option to summon 10 with 1% percent luck.
I’m in the game from also 4,5 years now and believe me all the feed back from the players that delete this game is the reason of greedy.

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I’m not sure everyone would agree with this.


One reason that not agree I believe is my general question.
In general terms I agree with you that plenty new stronger heroes are released isn’t so good and the reason of is that the game became more greedy.
If they start give more gems it will be more smooth the opinions according this heroes. This is my thoughts.

Now as we discuss we have plenty new heroes that change the game completely this is the fact. But to get one of them you have to wait almost a year just to have the opportunity for 1% with 10 summons

So yes in this term I agree with you so many new heroes with this situations nobody is happy …

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I never said I wasn’t happy. If I wasn’t happy I wouldn’t be playing.

I have no expectation to get the latest and greatest heroes. Never have.


Yeah but now more players aren’t happy of this situation…. Because to get at least one of them the only way is the money. Every month we have new heroes so if we do the maths everybody understand that with out money if you lucky you will have one in one year with 1% luck.

Is not the expectation it’s simple to have opportunity with patience to get one of this. Otherwise there is no point to produce so many new heroes. They must to give also the opportunity with patience to collect this amount of gems.
For this reason I mention that the game became greedy.

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From my observations it is about 450-600 gems every month; especially now that the mystic vision is every 2 hours. Thus, for an active, daily player who engages in wars, titans and all wanted chests it could easily be 20-30 gems per day; if we go with 20 gems per day then we have 600 in one month, potentially more. That would mean 3K in six months.

That jives with some similar calculations I have seen across the forum. If one of course plays the PoV on top of this I think one could easily do a 30-pull 2x per year with just free gems and the new PoV.

Whether that is fair or not is irrelevant in my mind. It is what it is.


I think it’s at least 25-30 per day if you watch ads and hit all titans and do wanted chests. 8 ads is around 12-15 and titan and chests another 15-20
Not to mention titan and elemental chests and random other rewards. Probably even more than 30 per day for an active player. High level titans in a range from 12-14* often give 10 gems upon defeat

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In that case as you mention is very rare. For example how many players are playing 24 hours or let’s say 16 hours per day? Also in order to get that amount per month I think is impossible.

The general point is to exist a motivation and fair behaviour to this situation of the plenty new heroes, as now the rate is mad. If anybody want to get one of this just one ,not more, he has 1 % every 6 months as your opinion and 1% every a year as mine opinion.

I think this is unfair. Also to your opinion also to mine .

A very correct count. Add to this the quests to collect gems and 150 pieces from the Path of Valor, you will get about 1000 per month.

I agree with Kenji.

It could easily be 40 gems average per day (if you add the elemental chest plus the occasional 10 gem drops). No 12-14* Titans here yet, one day one day :slight_smile:

Also Antonis you are correct; if one is a casual player then achieving 3K gems for free in less than a year would be difficult.

In this game if you wish to rise high you pay by using time (the FTP/CTP way) or by using money to reduce time (Whale or P2W way). I prefer to pay more with time than with money as I enjoy this accursed game and I am in no hurry :smiley:


I used all of my gems on the Black Friday summon in 2021. I just used all of my gems on the Solstics summon. After seven months I used over 6000 gems. Yeah I had one more month, but I gathered twice as many gems as you did in a similar amount of time.

Are you taking advantage of all of the opportunites?

So that’s November 2021 to June 2022. That’s 7-8 months to earn 3000k. You can’t count the 3000k spent on Black Friday since you had earned that in prior months.

I can confirm that I get about 1K gems per month.


I used all gems I had on Black Friday, so I didn’t have any to start with (maybe 100 or so). I had over 6000 for solstice summons. No miscounting. I am currently at 951, so 1K a month isn’t unreasonable.