How long should I put off leveling Justice?

So the first 5* I got from tc20 is the holy hero Justice. Right now I’m using all my feeder heroes to level up Little John and Tiburtus, because my roster has been missing some good strikers for a while now.

That being said, I have 5/6 on mystic rings and mysterious tonics for Natalya and Lianna (with the only other 5* I have being Richard and only 2 scopes). I have 7 poison darts and 9 orbs of magic, so I could take justice to 80…

But I also have li xiu at max level. Li xiu has higher base attack (albeit barely) and if I were to compare special skills she uses 3 at about the same rate justice would use 2. The direct damage to the enemy pretty well averages out so I’m not overly concerned about comparing that aspect.

Where the specials really differ is that li xiu helps prevent enemy specials, while justice can help prevent all damage - at the disadvantage of the blind being removable or in the case of the new hotm, not even taking effect.

Justice seems like a higher risk as far as ascension material investments go, because the whole goal is to drag the fight out (basically great at defense teams but less effective on offense)… And I already have li xiu ready to use after all. Should I put off leveling Justice until I have a better 5* holy hero, or will I have plenty of ascension materials by the time I get the next option?

been there :slight_smile:
Ive decided to wait, Justice is not worth materials if youre not looking for a tank.

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No harm in taking justice to 2/60 and seeing what happens during that time that may or may not change your mind.

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I put her off hoping for a better holy hero, until I realised I had 12 darts and a ton of orbs. Maxed her then and wished I hadn’t bothered. Managed to bag Vivica as soon as I’d finished Justice, so when she’s ready which will be soon, justice can sit and gather dust. She has one job, and she’s not particularly good at that.


Like with most heroes, the answer depends what you’re looking for.

  • A levelled Justice is an excellent addition to a farming team because her special takes out screens of monsters with no fuss.

  • She’s not good for Titans, with low tile damage and a special that is inefficient.

  • She is just okay in a raid attack role. Low tile damage is disappointing but the special can be effective. Needs to be in a team with some heavy hitters to be effective.

  • She is excellent on raid defence. She’s quite tough and her special really thrives here because the AI can’t mess up its use with its stupidity. She’s a good tank.

  • In war, Justice is a truly magnificent addition to a defensive team - this might be where she thrives the most. But on war attack she is one of the worst 5* heroes.

So what is most important to you? Improving your raid and war defence? Great: level her all the way. Improving your Titan damage and raid attack? Okay: keep her in the shed.


In this game - I swear, it teases you by making you wait and then all of a sudden, as soon as you’ve done something you can’t undo (like spending 6 darts) you get something better.

I am right there on Leo right now…12 darts, he’s at 3/48, been playing 10 months and he’s the only yellow 5*. I almost want to do it because I know as soon as I do it I’ll get Viv or Joon. But if I don’t do it, I’ll be stuck with a 3/70 Leo and 12 darts forever :slight_smile:

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I maxed her, she was the only holy 5* I had and I could use a good tank. I quite like her on the last level of rare quests too, because I try to use no battle items on those and she helps with her blind.
After I ascended her I got Leonidas and started to level him, but he is put on hold because I got Joon. I have 4 darts now and Joon is like 2/30, so I hope I will get 2 more darts before he is 3/70. I can’t say I regret ascending Justice, she is a good tank (my defense team is Marjana, Domitia, Justice, Perseus and Lianna), my other maxed 5* are all fast snipers, so that works.
I think I regret Perseus more, because I am short on telescopes and got Lepus…


So I’m glad I had been putting it off. Didn’t even get the ones I mentioned earlier finished and tc20 gave me Joon. Now I’m just waiting on a 5* dark hero to get a rainbow team going…

Very well said @Brobb. I have her currently at 4-45 with every intention of maxing her, and she fits the described roles exactly.