How long is ban

If you get 3 reports how long is the ban? Is it really permanent?

I’m not ever trying to find out. Seriously.

Lol I was just wondering because I’m trying to comment in my alliance chat but it’s not showing and I’ve rebooted phone plus reinstalled game but it’s still not working I can see what their writing it shows what I write but then when I go to maps and come back it’s disappeared. And I already have 2 reports from sensitive ppl and it hasn’t notified me I’m banned or anything so I’m just wondering.

They have the ability to mute people. I’m guessing that’s what happened…

I wouldn’t test the waters indefinitely…

I know you can block and all but this is weird what it’s doing. Also noticed my hero line ups are now out of whack as well

Maybe it’s because you’re upside-down


Silenced and Bans are handled directly by SG staff and are not discussed in the Forum.

If you suspect you have an issue with your game, you should contact Game Support (see below), and can ask about a ban condition there.

Some bans are permanent.

Please follow the Terms of Service and Rules listed in FAQ (see below).

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