How long in alliance?

I was wondering how long people stay in their alliance? Obviously this doesn’t apply to mercs…

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I started playing at the beginning of May and joined my alliance (5th Legion) as soon as I could. I dinked around once or twice but these are my people.

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Joined my alliance in June after having played about a month. We are a very quiet group and only a few have been playing regularly enough to build their teams and hit Titans. We kill mostly 5* and have only beat down 6* half way or so.

It can be frustrating sometimes with such a casual bunch, but no plans to leave.

I’ve been in The northern bears for 190 days, We are slowly grinding our way to the top :slight_smile: Dont think I’ll ever leave them.

My current alliance just reached three months old.

Half a dozen of us separated from our previous alliance when the leader and only co-leader who had been highly active every day were both suddenly not there for two weeks. I check back once in a while, and they are still gone, so it was a good choice made quickly.

Our new alliance filled up within a day which surprised me.

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We just splintered off into a new alliance this morning. With any luck, I’m hoping it’ll have mostly long term players. Real frickin chatty bunch we are.


Chatty can be a really good thing, even if it’s just horsing around. :+1:


What’s your Alliance name? @Crawdaddy

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It really depends. I stayed in my first alliance for a few weeks, but it was just to see what alliances were all about. No one in the alliance spoke English, so I did not stay. My second alliance they advertised that they were friendly, helpful and tight knit. They spoke English there, but no one actually participated in chat. I stayed about 7 days. My current Alliance has been my home for 4 months and I have no plans to leave. I’ll be there a year from now. It is actually tight knit, well run and active. I look forward to visiting the Alliance chat room and participating in LINE discussions.

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I had the same exact experience as Otto:

1st alliance, total noob, didn’t stay long

2nd alliance, nice enough people but not really going anywhere; spent some time building my strength and left

Current alliance is awesome, really got lucky and I don’t plan on going anywhere.

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Our new alliance is Almighty Warriors. It’s shaping up nicely. Most of the core people came along and we’re getting excellent new members. It would be nice to skip working up through the baby titans.

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Great thread!! My experience sounds very similar. Started back in April with a great alliance, but as with most the leader was never was around and the co leader that rode us pretty hard up and quit. So myself and a little over half the alliance started a new one, The Dominion Soldiers. Funny we had to try to figure out a name because a lot of us put DS at the end our player name for the last alliance and most us didn’t have free name changes anymore. And now 163 days later, we have a great alliance all different kinds of people from all over the world!


I’ve always been curious how long people have been with alliances . I started THE GOONIES 184 days ago. The days our alliance members have been goonies, 7, 12, 16, 31, 32, 33, 40, 45, 82, 88, 89, 95, 102, 102, 146, 146, 152, 162, 171, 174, 175, 178, 180, 180, 181, 181, 181, 182, 182.


That seems like a solid alliance with over half being long-term. Nice job

I start playing in may and create my alliance few time later after a short time in another alliance. Alliance is quite stable: 233, 233, 232, 220, 214, 213, 212, 211, 210, 210, 198, 192, 191, 178, 178, 140, 126, 114, 112, 90, 88, 78, 56, 48, 39, 36, 15, 13, 12

We are stucked arround 100K alliance score, failing most of the time on 8* titans.We lost in november 5 of our founders members that decide to join biggest alliances.

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Congrats on your longevity. It’s hard to balance an alliance between new players and old. Good luck with your future!

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I see it as a necessity. We have a couple of active chatters and a few more that chime in once in a while. It may only be 15-30 posts a day, but that is fine.

Why grind and level up for the good of the team if the team never celebrates and acknowledges the accomplishments of the individuals within the team? You might as well just keep playing the last levels of the story mission by yourself over and over.


We’re well below even 15 posts a day even, but we did celebrate last evening taking down our first 6* Titan! And one new alliance member scored his top Titan hit ever. :grin:


I agree. The social aspect is one of the parts I enjoy most. Just about everyone chimes in at least once per day, so we usually have 100+ posts.

It bleeds into the real world and we keep up with achievements people have in school, work, family etc. I didn’t expect that when I started.


41 days. Because the alliance is exactly 41 days old :blush:

I first joined an alliance at level 12 and very much enjoyed the ingame chat and the titans. Great people, fun chat … only the boss was a little … hm… unbalanced :wink: … so 10 of us left in one day.

3 of us found a temporary home … but no matter how nice the people in an alliance are … when a 6 star titan flees because only half of the members even hit it, then that is not the right place for me.

2 days later, a buddy from the original alliance (1 of the 10 who had left) found me a place in a very nice alliance, where he had gone immediately.

WOW! For the 1st time in my EP life, I now had access to lots of information, help, tutoring, and great organization! I loved it!! And I pulled one more buddy with me to this great place.

Well, due to … hm… circumstances … this nice alliance split up approx. 3 weeks after I joined. My 2 buddies and I joined the new one. Never regretted it. On the contrary. And managed to recruit 2 more buddies whom we had met at the very 1st alliance.

And … unless something unforeseen happens… you can carry me out of this lovely alliance feet first. :wink:

One piece of advice:
If there are alliance buddies whom you especially like - get their line id. Or whatever chat program you are using. Then whatever happens, you can keep in contact. And be together again.


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