How long have you been playing E&P?

Today is my 5 month anniversary of downloading E&P. Curious to see your accomplishments and stats in the timeframe you’ve played.


August 12th, 2018. Wow, didn’t know it had been that long.


@Ashera Happy 5 month anniversary! :smile:

I started on or around July 4, 2018…so a bit over 8 months for me.

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I just hit 6 months myself - started Sept 12, 2018.

Some quick stats from my in-game profile, for fun… to see where I got in 6 months. :slight_smile:

  • Level: 35
  • Season 1 completed
  • Season 2 Progress: Province 2, Stage 2 (yeah, hasn’t been a priority)
  • Season 2 Hard Mode: 4 / 270 (can you tell I haven’t bothered with S2??)
  • Most Powerful Hero: Colen (658; but tied with Caedmon, both at 4-70+3)
  • Defense Team Power: 3480
  • Highest Trophies: 2401
  • Raid Wins: 1715
  • Titans Defeated: 122
  • Highest Titan Damage: 62271
  • Highest Combo: 18
  • Longest Raid Win Streak: 18
  • Strongest Titan Defeated: Thunder Unicorn 9*
  • Finishing Titan Strikes: 2

Good idea! Here are mine (8 months):

  • Level: 43
  • Season 1 completed
  • Season 2 Progress: Province 22 Stage 1 (all released levels completed)
  • Season 2 Hard Mode: 210 / 270 (also all released)
  • Most Powerful Hero: Evelyn (778 CP, currently +2)
  • Defense Team Power: 3737 (huh…funny number)
  • Highest Trophies: 2678 (also kinda a funny number)
  • Raid Wins: 3551
  • Titans Defeated: 205
  • Highest Titan Damage: 72856
  • Highest Combo: 19
  • Longest Raid Win Streak: 19
  • Strongest Titan Defeated: Crystallin Colossus 10*
  • Finishing Titan Strike: 9

Nov 18, 2017

Level 51
Strongest hero: Kadilen
Highest combo: 21
Titans defeated: 381
Highest titan damage: 75187

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Firstly Happy Fifth! Or the Iron Anniversary if u want to b traditional. But I can tell u I’m now at 6 months. And I’m level 34 and just hit Diamond on trophies with… and this is both “my gift, and my curse” as the great Peter Parker once said…
On my roster I have 43 characters. When I first started I realized very quickly once I saw the 10 pull option to save for that or just horde tokens and had a run of luck I thought at the time of collecting the following…
3 - 3⭐️
19 - 4⭐️
21 - 5⭐️
This seemed fantastic at the time especially since 5 of them were heroes of the month and 4 r special. During all this time I’ve spent $9.98 on the game but looking at it now I’m screwed with maxing out these 5’s. A) can’t begin to tell u how many rare items I’m gonna need and B) Holy food Batman!!! So I guess what I’m saying is b happy with solid 4’s and don’t think ur super awesome with a TON of legendary characters. I wish I had figured that out earlier. Out of sheer terror I dare not do another 10 pull ever. To my point my strongest lineup maxes at 3450 and my highest Titan hit is 34743 and my strongest character is actually a tie with Justice and Mother North both at 3/41. If only I didn’t have so many mouths to feed… anyway just a summation and some advice for newer players. Advice being love those good Rares and Epics and don’t think u have to rack up legendary players. They can b a pain.


11 months

First HoTM was Aeron.

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next month is my one year anniversary :slight_smile:



you have been here 6 months only spent 9 dollars and have 21 5 stars???


I am approaching the 6 month mark (9-27-18), so I thought I should document:

  • Level: 52
  • Season 1 completed
  • Season 2 Progress: Province 22 Stage 1 (all released levels completed)
  • Season 2 Hard Mode: 22 / 270 (no hurry)
  • Most Powerful Hero: Zim (784 CP, currently +3)
  • Defense Team Power: 3997 (keeps me in diamond, not it a rush to put in better)
  • Highest Trophies: 2810 (got to 27th)
  • Raid Wins: 2320
  • Titans Defeated: 138
  • Highest Titan Damage: 72009
  • Highest Combo: 23
  • Longest Raid Win Streak: 32
  • Strongest Titan Defeated: dragon rooster rare 10*
  • Finishing Titan Strike: 18


Pretty sure its that date


Yeah Gratz! I started two weeks before you so 5 1/2 months here.


I started playing Christmas day last year. I want to be like y’all when I grow up, great stats guys.

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Thanks for sharing guys, now I have goals to shoot for seeing all your progress. I’ve been pretty lucky with my investments in game so far. Reached global top 15 and local top 10. Next goals are to finish 30 heroes to to be more help to my alliance in war. Happy gaming :sunglasses:

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playing since July 2018
Level 42
Season 2 hard mode 210/270
most powerful hero: Ares + 2
highest combo: 24
highest trophies: 2827
longest win raid 46
raid wins 5006
strongest titan defeated dragon 8*
highest titan damage 78143
titan defeated 197
finishing titan strikes 16

about 13-14 months playing. C2P

04/18/2017 and I can’t stop playing xD

Started playing at the beginning of August. So just hit the 7 month mark

Wow! Great accomplishment. 6 months and already at level 52 with close to 4k tp.
Guess you must be spending a small fortune.

I started a month later ( end of october 2018).
Stuck at level 35 and a mere 3495 tp.
Spent close to 800 bucks but no luck in pulling a good 5 * heroes yet. Now am slowing down already.

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