How long does it takes for you to kick out a member from the Alliance?

I recently kicked out a member, because he simply tick to participate the war, but didn’t show up to even to fight for one flag against the opponent. I understand the difficulties for not having extra back up heroes, especially for beginners, but he could at least fight using his main defense team.

Plus his team is only around 1500 (no offense) because my Alliance is just average Alliance level (80k score) so 1500 team power is still acceptable since there’s another one more member that only have 1600 team power but still active in war. What I really mad was, he didn’t attack at all to gain some points for the Alliance’s side, yet the opponent’s kept farming easy points by repeatedly attack and win against his war defense team. Our alliance already lead the war points, but end up his team got respawn, and the opponent attack and have lead points for the last minutes. So he got kicked out.

Now I got few members with decent team power, 2000 and slighty above, yet the same thing still happen. They tick to participate the war, but didn’t show up at all during the war. But when the war is over, they show up again, online like nothing happen. I already gave the reminder, but they pretty much ignore it.

The next war is their last chance, before I plan to kick them out.

I want to ask how long usually you guys consider before kick out a member from Alliance?

As you lay out your reasoning, my only question was whether you discussed it in your alliance chat or a messaging app. You are the leader and this is where you demonstrate thst.

Talking things out should be done with members. If you choose to have elders, this is where they advise.


are they opted out of the war, or opted in and just not showing up?

If they are opted out, it doesn’t hurt your matching, or in theory the war itself since the player wasn’t part of the matching.

On the other hand if they are opted in and not showing up - that shows disregard for the alliance (or maybe ignorance). I wouldn’t put up with that for long. In fact exactly three wars, as that is in our rules which is written in our banner and repeated to the team anytime a new member joins.

If war participation is mandatory in your alliance, then that is another matter and you should have a discussion with them and then boot if it doesn’t improve.

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You could also give them the choice to opt out of war. This way they are not considered in matchmaking and do not hurt you by not attacking.

State your rules in the alliance header and drop them in chat.

If they break the rules after fair warning, kick them.

If you can’t find enough players that match your commitment, leave the alliance and find one that does, even if that means not being the leader!


Among the 20s members in the Alliance, only 5 of us, including me, (plus leader with another 3 more elder**) are talking. The others are just no chat, no replying. Just there to fight titan, war and do their own thing.

I’m a co-leader anyway, and I’m the one who talk much. OTL There’s another co-leader who I adviced and requested him, repeatedly, to change his war defense team because he has a main defese team with 2000 above team power, but his war defense team in not updated and still 1700 team power. And pretty much ignored. The leader just gave the “Elder” title to everyone who joined, so the average member** is “elder”. OTL

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Did you talk to this member before kicking him?

There are always IRL problems that pop up, at inconvenient times of course, that may have caused his absence.

I have discussed this extensively with my leaders. Not making excuses, just clarifying that I have an intense IRL schedule, and timing of wars, titans, etc., sometimes dont sync up.

They are cool with it, and understand that I will hit anything and everything, WHEN I can. Sometimes I cant.

Just my 20 characters :slight_smile:

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Leave. Tell everyone you are going. Find an alliance that looks right, and tell the active participants where you have gone.

Never be where you are not happy.


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Actually I don’t mind if there are members who have decent team power, but choose not to join or opted out the war. It’s up to them. It’s not really mandatory.

But these members, they opted in the war, their teams were in the battlefield, but they didn’t show up to fight at all, even remain inactive or not online the whole day. But they just simply online again after the war is over. :disappointed_relieved:

I’m just a co-leader, I afraid to being too strict to change many stuff as the leader didn’t say much some times. But most of my team members are silent type. Even another co-leader just kept ignoring my advice and request for him to edit his war defense team to be more stronger, because his main defense team has 2000 above team power, but the war defense team only 1700, but the advice was pretty much ignores though I keep on telling him multiple times. :sleepy:

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They always have the option but most of them are silent type member, of even just ignoring my advice.

I already told them not to tick “participating in war” if they are busy, but still they opted in and stay offline for the whole day. :disappointed_relieved:

Honestly, you might look for an alliance that wants to take the games as seriously as you do. If they aren’t opting out and then don’t fight, even after they are told of the option and impact of that choice, then they are not being respectful to other team members.

There are alliances with people who have nearly 100% participation in wars nearly 100% of the time, and who are proactive in keeping the roster clear of non-active or dis-respectful players.

Try a few alliances out until you find one that works for you. It will make you happier in the long run.

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Yes, I placed advice in the chat asking them not to tick to participate in war if they are busy, but just got ignored.

And most of them are silent and not talking back at all. I don’t know how to reach the. That’s why I’m thinking about kicking them out if the situation happen again. :sweat:

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