How long does it take for SG to delete the account

Iv been trying to get my account deleted for good.

but they keep saying it will take time been 2 weeks now and still not been deleted yet.

Was just wondering if anyone here got any idea how long it takes.

To make sure u really don’t look back and permanently burn ur account, feed all ur roster to 1* or 2* and the same to ur troops

So even if SG delayed or doesn’t delete ur account, u won’t go back forever in this game

Just 2 cents


just enough to delete your account email from google play app and you are away immediately

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Why do you need to delete it ? Just feed all your heroes and troops into 1* and 2*

right, this will be less drama as OP can decide their own fate rather than hands it over to SG to make the decision

Iv eaten half my roster but don’t hav enough to eat the rest as got no gems to take blems off so for me to eat all I’ll still either hav to play to get gems or pay to get gems :joy:

OK I’ll give that a try cheers

I know someone who did this but then still came back and spent money on new heroes.

One can also just delete the app and never install it again. If one is in an active alliance, be kind and leave it before you exit from the game.

unlucky, im encountering the same issue. sg doesnt care about customer service, as long as they have people spending money on the game. my prediction is that they havent even started the process- nor do they even plan to.

So I’ll preface this with I am in no way an expert in GDPR and my knowledge is based on what I have to know for the industry I am in. This should not be taken as advice and fully correct as I may be mistaken in portions.

I think it depends partly on what legislation you are using to request deletion under. For EU players it could be done under parts of GDPR legislation which I believe has a 30 day at least response period for acknowledgement of request and response if not action taken.

If you are using right to be forgotten under GDPR I’d imagine the first thing would be a SAR to determine what personal data they hold.

There are some parts it could be argued that they have a good reason to retain and would not be deleted (eg spend history/ source etc in case of any future dispute or legislative requirements to report)

As far as just forum account goes I’d imagine a Name anonymization could be a possibility, but the issue would be where you have posted outside contact details such as line ID within a post that could be harder to strip out and remove. This is all dependent on what capabilities there are with the discourse forum software

For non EU players with it being parent company Zynga/Take Two they may not be required to accede to the request (not sure of the data privacy regs in different jurisdictions)