How long do I have to play, what characters should I have to get and is it possible to ever be able to beat some of these people who have been playing for 2 years?

On competing: I am enjoying the game much more now that I keep some things in mind and have reasonable expectations for where I am:

  1. I don’t spend, so I don’t ever expect to place Top 1 in challenge events, or to stay with more than 2700 cups (I can raid UP to that on offense, but I now the next day I will be kicked back to like 2400-2500…)

  2. also because I don’t spend, every new 5* gives me a quite a bit of joy. Even 4*s, you should have seen my face when I pulled Lady Woolerton last Springvale.

  3. I know there’s a good chance I will fail to revenge a player with +20 emblems on Finley etc… but when I do manage to beat them, it becomes sweeter :slight_smile:

I would say: read these key threads such as: