How long do I have to play, what characters should I have to get and is it possible to ever be able to beat some of these people who have been playing for 2 years?

I’m fairly new to Empires and puzzles. Been playing about 5 months. First time posting and not sure how forumns work. I’ve just been reading and needs some game advice. I was wondering how long do I have to play, what characters should I have to get and is it possible to ever be able to beat some of these people who have been playing for 2 years? I don’t mind spending a bit of money but am unclear on who the beat heroes are to accomplish these goals. Would like to hear from some older players ( I have read all the “beginner help threads”)

I’ve been playing over just over a year. I’ve put together a pretty good roster where I can take on the top teams and win my fair share. For the most part I average less than $50 a month although there was once or twice I went overboard and it was not worth it If you stick to buying the cheap deals, 200 gems for .99, 400 for 1.99 etc, VIP you can get a fair amount of summons each month. I find I have better luck if I spread it out and try not to do more 30 on any summons because it tends to be streaky and you could hit a bad streak and doesn’t feel good to burn all your resources at once and not get anything good. I try to target summons that have multiple heroes that I want featured to gave a better chance at getting at something I want.


These are the upcoming heroes that I think are the best in upcoming summons


Grim Forest
4*, Hansel, Gretel

New Costumes in Costume Portal

4*, Almur fast nature elemental defense down, Mist, Brynhild


Seshat, Poseidon

Guardians of Teltoc
4* Gardian Jackal and Falcon
Guardian Panther(dark elemental defense down) and Gazelle

Miki, Drake Fong, Ariel

Black Knight, Guinivere, Arthur(ice elemental defense down)


It is hard to tell, what exact heroes you need to have. New heroes appear every month.
My personal opinion is that it doesn’t really matter, what heroes will you get. Like, for example, Wilbur is a very useful hero, but you can play without him as well.

I’d say, that a long term goal is to have 15+ maxed 5* heroes. But even with some money, you can’t just buy those heroes, max them and play. You are expected to go for a long journey, building 3*, then 4* and finally 5* rosters and progressing in raids and titans from bottom to top.
Popular phrase on the forum: This game is a marathon, not a sprint.

You are constrained by your castle and time required to max all the buildings, by rarity of items you need to max 4* and 5* heroes, by resources you need to farm and spend on all this building and ascention.

So, I’d say: don’t try to catch up with 2 year old players. Enjoy game at every level and enjoy your progress at you own pace.


hi, i play for 11 month and i’m a F2P.

For me, i will focus on 4* and emblem them to 18. as @ppfhier, many good heroes available in atlantis and valhala and some custome hero for S1 heroes.

this is my 1st line up with TP 3969. with this i can attack team with TP up to 4.6k.

Triton+18, Grimm+19, Sartana+3, Proteus+18, rigard+18.

For me, not whos the hero but how to know combination and play with them.



i agree with you @SuuriKoira.

I have been playing for about a year.

I dropped a significant amount of money at the beginning thinking to get a head start. This was a mistake. I did not understand at the time that in addition to getting the right heroes, you need to acquire the Ascension materials and there’s no fast way to do that at all.

I still have a number of good heroes that are waiting for materials a year later.

The advice above about playing the game at each level is very good advice. You can spend money on summons if you want to.
If you do so, I advise to do it in Atlantis, and Valhalla only. That is all. Work on building up your base, and when you get training camp 20 it will start spitting out 5-star heroes.

You can focus on four star heroes if you want to at the beginning. I did this. I don’t regret it. I have since gone back and filled out some three stars for tournaments, but that is all you need them for. You can skip straight to four star heroes and spend your resources there to level them up, if you so choose.

The cast from Atlantis, will be a staple in building teams. Wilbur is an exceptionally useful hero, Proteus is also. Both only available in Atlantis.
I only recently got Proteus finally after numerous summonings in Atlantis. It took me nine months to finally get Proteus.


Most of the things have already been said.

Expected time until you can do the important things in the game. ( Finishing rare quests, finishing challenge events, open raid chests in diamond, place in top 5% of 3* and 4* tourneys paying once at most and some others ) will be 9 - 12 month.

If you want to use money get VIP and the cheap diamond deals with Atlantis or other special coins.

Save your EHT for the seasonal events.

Do you payed summons at the challenge events that offer great 4* heros! Guardians, Grimm forest…

After you have finished Atlantis and made all summons from the free coins if you dont have Proteus and Wilbur Atlantis is a great place to make summons.

Dont chase heros with your summons.

Watch the hotm and announced hotm and try to time your summons with the good ones.

The most important heros in this game are the 4* heros and there especially the healers!!!

Rigard is one of your most important early game heros. I hope you will get him early!

TC20 is your friend!!! Get at least 1 better 2 of them up and runing as fast as possible.

Storage room is your friend!

Important strongholdfeatures to build:
Mines, farms, TC’s, storages, watchtower, one forge, houses up to at least storage for 100 recruits.

Wish you lots of luck with your summons and lots of fun with the game! :smile:

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14* titans

I agree.


Once you find a good alliance, they can help you with choices that match your play style.

Including which heroes to level and how to fight 2+ year players ( Empires does not have a catch up mechanic like World of Warcraft, Pokémon GO, Wizards Unite, etc. ).

2+ years

I have been playing 2+ years, but most players can beat my favorite account since it has been fighting 5* titans for 2+ years ( family alliance).


I think you would be able to compete with most players after 1-2 years. If you pay it would be faster than that.

Took me roughly a year for my first rainbow 5* team and I was F2P at that time and I was able to compete at diamond-league level with that.
Now with all the coins it’s easier to get non-TC20 heroes aswell to catch up with older players.

As for heroes, almost anyone you get is good imo. Building a large roster with many options to choose from is better than having a single good team.
So I’d recommend going for strong 4* heroes instead of chasing a particular 5*

Really hard to tell , I’m almost one year old in game and its shape change a lot in a year.

Started late may, early june last year and thank to the forum I learnt very quickly what you don’t want to miss (events, AM quest, emblems quest).

But as I said shape of the game change, was able to finish my first event in july last year. But new events are really harder. Did my way in diamond end of august, but not that much emblems at this time.

Im pretty confident to see hard team to defeat in platinium now while it was easier before.

So, can you catch up ? No, on certain things, for instance you need still one full year to collect enough emblems to a 20 5* heroes while other will have two. Same on troops, you will start to work you first set of mana troops, while long term players have several already done.

For the moment draw a plan and stick to it. be sure to developp your base with some key building. be sure to get enough 3 and 4* maxed first. Ensure you can finish every AM quest and emblem quest. Ensure you can finish every challenge.

On collecting heroe focus on good 4*, 5* will come along wihtout desesparte pursache.

On competing: I am enjoying the game much more now that I keep some things in mind and have reasonable expectations for where I am:

  1. I don’t spend, so I don’t ever expect to place Top 1 in challenge events, or to stay with more than 2700 cups (I can raid UP to that on offense, but I now the next day I will be kicked back to like 2400-2500…)

  2. also because I don’t spend, every new 5* gives me a quite a bit of joy. Even 4*s, you should have seen my face when I pulled Lady Woolerton last Springvale.

  3. I know there’s a good chance I will fail to revenge a player with +20 emblems on Finley etc… but when I do manage to beat them, it becomes sweeter :slight_smile:

I would say: read these key threads such as:


Wish i could help

Good luck

I’ve been playing over 2 years now. It took me well over a year to be able to compete in diamond tier. I’m mostly F2P, I have spent a few dollars here and there. My squad is overwhelmingly season 1 – four non-season-1 5* heroes out of 35(?) that I have. Only 14 are maxed.

I can’t compete in the top 100 and I don’t want to. Sitting firmly in diamond and slowly improving while playing through the seasons is good enough for me. I can now reliably handle teams up to 4300 TP when raiding, on a good day up to 4400 TP.

What heroes you want depends a lot on what you are after and how much you are willing to spend. For F2P try for the better S2 4* heroes (Wilbur / Proteus / Triton) and any 5* that fall your way. Alsothere are some good S3 heroes being introduced. S1 heroes will turn up in the TC’s. I was extremely lucky to get Ariel – but I still don’t have Proteus. For P2W go after the better HOTM’s and get into a competitive alliance for the better titan loot.

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I forgot to mention, if you do get lucky and get a 5 Star hero, do not waste resources trying to ascend it until you have a few teams of four star heroes fully ascended an emblem. Seriously. People told me that, I did not listen. I thought a five-star at 3.70 will be good enough.
I was wrong.

I wasted time and resources trying to take up a 5-star hero, when I really should have been focusing on my four star teams.
four star heroes are the backbone of this game. When their emblem did they are as good as a five star.

The biggest reason is that collecting the Ascension materials for 5 Star heroes is a very very long process. And you don’t want to waste heroes and food on a non usable hero. They are better spent elsewhere getting teams built that can win and complete events to earn rewards that will progress your game.

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Thanks guys!! Very good advice and appreciated.

I have been playing E&P for 26 months now, and I am C2P, bought VIP only.
I was totally frustrated during first 2 weeks to figure out that


You can somehow pay some money to speed up some certain progress, but there is no short cut.

At that time 2 years ago, I has to stop chasing 5* heroes, stop chasing for ascension materials and any other fancy stuffs, and DEDICATED full 3 months to build up 3* army…

And that is the first accomplishment that open the door for me to complete 3* challenge event. Follow by be able to use up 6 war flags and did not drag the team with remaining flags even though I could be only cleaner…

Now, I am happy with my slow but strong progress. Full loaded with 3-5* heroes and plenty of ascension materials to use anytime I get new heroes.

It depends a lot on which 5* hero it is.

Damage dealers (including damage over time) are generally underwhelming at 3/70. However, many support heroes can be extremely useful already long before they are maxed. For instance, Rigard is the only 4* cleanser that can be trained. If someone doesn’t have Rigard and pulls Ariel, she should have high priority.

Although the rule to have several maxed 4* heroes before levelling 5* heroes is true in general, it always depends on the individual hero rosters and levelling possibilities.

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