How long do alliance war chests / titan loot rewards last?

Sorry for posting this in General Discussion, I just wasn’t really sure where to ask. My alliance is a family alliance and we recently had a family emergency that will prevent many of our members from logging on for several days. As the leader, I have disabled Alliance Wars for the time being. However, we were right in the middle of a war when the emergency happened, and we just so happened to be at 24/25 on our war chest at the time. Obviously, with most of our members unable to compete, we lost the war, but still got the 1 point needed to fill the war chest. It could be several days before all of our members are able to collect their loot. I was just curious as to how long the game “stores” this loot, particularly since I have temporarily disabled wars.

Obviously this matter itself is trivial compared to our real life concerns, I just want to make sure that we all get the rewards we worked so hard for.

Sorry to hear about the emergency, I hope everything turns out ok!

I think War Chests and Loot remain until you get to the next Chest, based on things I’ve seen people mention once or twice. So I don’t think you’re in any danger of people losing that in a few days.

In one extreme example, someone had mentioned “saving” their War Chest all the way until it was full again…at which point they lost the loot from the first one. (Wasn’t a great idea, they imagined they could collect multiple at once for fun.)

The only thing I’m not sure about is if opting the alliance out of Wars has any effect on the existing War Chest — I don’t think so, I just haven’t ever personally tried it.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

One of our beloved co-leaders is currently hospitalized, but expected to make a full recovery. In the meantime, we’re all taking a break from alliance-related stuff until they are able to be back with us again.

At least one member was able to still collect loot after I opted us out, I just hope everyone else gets their loot once we’re back up and running normally again.

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Glad to hear they’re recovering well!

That’s quite nice that you’re all taking a break together too. It’s amazing how much our alliances can become close friends, it’s really my favorite part of this game.

The insight that someone was able to collect the War Chest loot seems like a solid confirmation of how I assumed that worked, so I’m glad to hear that, and thanks for that insight!


It just wouldn’t be right to go to war without my finest general at my side. Plus we can’t kill titans without them :slightly_smiling_face:


Hope everything goes well with your alliance and ALL of its members. Good luck for a speedy recovery and a return to full health for your co-leader



Sorry for semi-necroing my own thread, but I discovered something that could be useful for all alliances (also thanks for the well wishes) :smiley:

As I mentioned in my original post, I had disabled wars for the alliance after Wednesday’s war. On Thursday, one member was still able to collect war chest loot (because it was still showing results from the previous war).

Unfortunately, once matchmaking for the next war started, our members were no longer able to access the war menu. Instead, they got the standard “your alliance has opted out of wars” message. We all worked hard to fill our war chest, and every one of us (including our still absent co lead) deserve to reap the rewards.

I felt terrible. :worried: I thought I had screwed at least half of our members out of their well-deserved loot.

I considered sending in a support ticket, but before going to that extreme, I decided to try something crazy. While one of our other members was online, I re-enabled wars and told them to check the war chest.

Their war chest showed up again, and it showed full, and they were able to collect their loot! :partying_face:

I disabled wars again because I don’t want us to get accidentally matched at the last minute for the Saturday war, so we’ll see (fingers crossed) if it works a second time. I’ll report back with results.

Though on a side note, I don’t think I ever received loot from the last raid tournament (?) Maybe I did and just didn’t notice because I had more important things on my mind. Or maybe I just didn’t get any loot because my score was so terrible :laughing: It was my worst raid tournament performance yet, so I wasn’t really expecting any good loot anyway. :crazy_face:


I only discovered to my horror the other day that the war chest is not collective property (in hindsight, there is no reason it has to be), so I have just collected my loot (that just appears), win or lose for a few months? I was looking at the war chest and thinking why did they make it all glowy like that; touched it and loot issued forth.
There may be a connection to this, my terminal stupidity and lack of ascension items. This has made me sad.

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It’s collective timing, though. It fills based on the alliance, not you personally.

But your participation percentage can vary, which will affect your loot. That’s based on how many Wars you’ve used at least 1 flag during that contributed to filling the chest.

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It get worse, as I have progressed I have become a regular top scorer in my alliance; my participation has been 100% since I was eligible. The chest only said 9 on it and because I couldn’t remember it looking different, I never even thought. Embarrassment and horror pretty much sums it up.

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That is one of the things about the wars I like. Doesn’t matter how my score is; it’s just our general strategy. Everyones contribution is totally equal; heck, someone had to carry me when I was a total NooB, just now I have to try harder and be more certain…

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When we fill our war chest we always put a message on the featured board to make sure players collect their rewards.

We tell them it’s NOT automatic and they CAN’T be saved up.


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