How long did it take you to ascend your first 5* hero?

Im just wondering how long it took everyone to fully ascend their first 5* hero.

Ive been playing 4 months and still stuck on the 3rd ascension for 3 5* heroes as I dont have the right items yet and not sure when I will get them.

How long did it take you, or are you still going as well ?

My first fully maxed 5 star was Tarlak, afaik I maxed him around 6-7 months into the game. :slight_smile:

I got Red Hood 10 months ago and she was the first one I maxed. However that was a lucky pull and I did not level her right away because Boldtusk took priority, and then later Wilbur came along which interrupted her progress.

If I had to estimate how long it actually took me (i.e. the actual time spent leveling her) it would be 6 months.

I´ve been playing for 7/8 months and still have no mats for 5* Heroes, although i only have 2 of them :frowning:

I have already create the poll 5 days ago, here:

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I maxed my first 5* ( Quintus ) after about 9 month of play.

But yours doesnt have the option of never yet lol.

You can choose more then 1 year :wink:
My poll collecting the most quick max *5 heroes, so I do not focus for more then 1 year.

But it still might be NEVER, because i might give up on the game before I do, who knows.

First 2 month I was playing Puzzles only without interesti to heroes, the farm, the materials. 10 month for first full 5* hero. I had all materials for yellow, but hadn’t yellow hero 5*, but I had red, blue, violet and green 5* heroes without materials for 80…

It will not happen, except if you pass all rare quest (guaranteed *3 and *4 AM), then it still might be NEVER.

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Started playing at the end of September 2018. Drew my first five-star (Onatel) at the end of January 2019, but she didn’t end up being the one I maxed. Drew Poseidon at the end of March 2019, brought him to final ascension at the end of May 2019, and finished maxing him in mid-June 2019. Wasn’t sure exactly which of these you were asking about. Really, the key is, it took me about 8 months from the time I started playing to the time I had enough ascension materials to fully ascend Poseidon. If it had been a blue hero, probably sooner (pulled two scopes on mystic visions); if it had been a green, maybe a touch longer (only up to 7 tonics since I started playing, and that counts Shrikewood last week).

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Hello @Noble_Weasel, can you please poll to this topic? Thank you.

That is crazy how long it takes. Some of you could be Budhist monks with the amount of patience you have. And here I am thinking 4 months is a long time, but im still a fair way off probably, who knows.

I need 2 darts and tomb of tactics to max Drake and Seshat and Azlar are way off, need HEAPS of items still.

I did respond to the poll just now. Did you want me to cross-post the full response?

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No, just poll is enough, thank you :+1:


My first 5* is still at 2/60 :grinning:

How long have you been playing for man ?

2 years and half…give or take

I forget how long it took, but my first maxxed 5* was Natalya when she came out…they all take a while

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