How long before you got a 5* hero?



I just pulled my first 5*. I just got Athena from the Atlantis summon on a single first pull. I’ve been playing since this August, so a little over 2 months. I’ve put about $100 in this game and most of that was this month. I’ve only done two 10x pull on dark elemental summon and got one of every 4* except Cyprian and a bunch of oberons and this Atlantis summon in hopes of Athena, but no luck only 3* from Atlantis at first. But I just got her! And my first 5*. I was so excited I woke up my husband!


She is freaking awesome. I’m jealous. Congrats!


I got my first 5* from atlantis summon.
Unfortunately ist the Purple Shark man. :unamused:


My first gem pull back when I was free to play was Elkanen. Was pretty pleased, and on reflection it was probably the one piece of luck that got me more heavily into the game. I know there is not a lot of love for the Elk, but I don’t care - if I ever get the materials I will ascend him, he has done so much good work for me

More recently I have been lucky enough to pull both Khiona x 2 and Aegir, so after 3 months basically C2P I have 4 x 5 stars, and I have at least 20 four stars. Would have to say I have been pretty lucky, but have spent around 200 AUD - not sure whether that counts as C2P anymore :wink:


Hmmm, I don’t really remember when my first 5* was. I think it was the first month and I pulled lianna. I have been playing 9 months and have spent around $750 and I have 11 5* including 2 hotm aeron and drake fong and I have 95 4*, 4 of which came from tc20.


My first 5* was Delilah :astonished:. I was playing well over 2 months when I got her from an elemental pull. Then about 2 months later I pulled Azlar… by that time I got my TC20 and got Elkanen, Horghall, Leonidas x2. I started saving up my tokens from about… june/july and was about to pull madly for Khiona. Saved up to 16 free tokens, got her in the first draw :astonished:. Rest of the tokens I saved up for Halloween, and pulled all the 4* I didnt have yet, plus Khagan. So definitely not too shabby. This week I had some gems saved up either for Atlantis or the next Event. Decided to go with Atlantis, hoping for a blue 5* since thats the only colour I didnt have a 5* in yet. Out came Athena and Aegir :blush:. Oh and Wilbur… and later Proteus o.O. I can still hardly believe my luck!!


probably nobody else can believe that kind of luck either! Congratulations!


I started playing june 2017 and I got my first 5* Vivica from tc20 six months later. Second one was Sartana month after that and that was also from training camp.

First from summon gate 9 months after playing and that was Joon, which I already had.

Year to get first HoM, which was Gravemaker! :wink:

But after that something chances. Now I have 26 5* hero and many many 4* heroes. Almost every event 4* hero. I did spent money on this game even before, that Joon and I still do, but not hundreds dollars in month. :wink:


I know the feeling :slight_smile: happy! happy! :blush:


Yay! I just got holy 4* Li Xiu! It’s no 5* but at least it now means I’ve got a solid 4* rainbow team now! So it’s something haha :yum:


I got my first 5* after about a month of playing, did the event summons and got Kadilen. I was ecstatic; even though she’s not well liked by most, she got me so much further than anyone else I had at the time. In two months since, I’ve been lucky enough to pull a few of my favorites (Hel, Alberich and Ares) along with several others. Kadilen is now getting dusty and only brought out for war, but I still appreciate her more than most due to her being my first 5*.


I read posts like this and it makes me sick how horrible my luck is.


I’m sorry :frowning_face:… a month ago I would have felt the same way. All I can say is… hang in there!!


I’m now saving up gems for a 10 pull in November, the HotM looks amazing, hopefully doing bulk pulls will increase my luck! Thanks for the response everyone, it’s been super informative :blue_heart:


Hi again @Tamsin, funny enough my first 5* was also Atlantis related. I think I used my Atlantis coins before sleep (again, like my recent Magni!) and got Bane and Drake


Been playing about a month. F2P player and still building up (got SH and TC to 13 so far) Got enough Atlantis tokens for 1 pull and got Athena. Only got 1 4* in Kiril, still working on the rest of my 3* rainbow team at mo.


Whoooohooo!!! Happy birthday to me!! Thought it’s an auspicious day so I’ll use my gems I saved to do a 10 pull- 9x3*, 1x4* buuut I got Zimmi the cat! She’s my first 5* +I’m not complaining! She’s fierce! Love my new kitteh :heart::cat::fire:


I had posted back on Oct. 22. Playing 5-6 months, and had 1 5*, Elkanen. Since then I got Horgall on a 10-pull, and I just got Thorne from a TC20 pull (15th overall).