How long before you got a 5* hero?

I’ve been playing for about 4-5 months now +spend about $15-20 each month in game (VIP +cheap offers). I’ve got five 4* heros, no holy 4*, no 5*.

How long did it take for everyone to get their first 5* +did you spend a ton of gems to get them or was it just chance? I’m just curious :sweat_smile::gem::gem::gem:

I got one two weeks in on an epic token pull: Domitia. Didn’t know how rare one was at that point. I am 4 months in and was fortunate enough to get a second one on another Epic Hero Token (Magni) a few weeks ago. So, two in 4ish months for me, CTP ( I do VIP and the cheap gem deals).

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I have 21 4* heroes though…you have rotten luck if you only have 4 total! I spend about the same as you…probably less ($10-$15/month).

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5 months. .no 5*
Not complaining i have solid 4* rainbow and 4 4* troops.

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Its all about luck.
If you are:
●C2P your best shot is buying VIP saving gems till good event with good odds then pull.
●F2P your best chance is saving all the gems you have all the epic hero tokens and wait till a good event with good odds then pull.
But if you are a
♤☆♤P2P/P2W you wont wait and/or you don’t have to wait, Halloween is here in couple of hours get good ount of gems and pull pull pull …
You will get few 5☆ maybe HOTM too.


Thanks for the tip @Jedon! I didn’t know events had better pull rates than elemental summons! I’ll definitely save up for them now!

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Lucky duck @Rduke77! :duck:

Yeh that’s all I buy as well, occasionally a $8 offer if I’m feeling lucky…which I now know is a lie is it seems I’m unlucky lololol :sweat_smile:

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Just want to point out that epic hero tokens can only be used for seasonal event summons - like Halloween - but not for Challenge events - like Grimmforest, Guardians, Pirates and Avalon - which are only available for gem summons.


2 months give or take.
Spent only vip for 25 days now.
4s - colen, gadeirus, sonya
5s - red hood > first and single 300 pull on last event

just started SH 19. So in a month or two ill start producing 5s on the tc20.

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After around 3 months. Spending around €15-20. Got Vivica from 10x elemental summon.

Nowadays I get 3 5* from my 4 training centers at level 20

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I don’t remember, a couple of months maybe. Only spent on cheap gem deals, so made one or a few pulls every time.

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I got my first less than a month in while I was still F2P. Got Musashi in a single pull with Kiril, which definitely accelerated my progress in the game.

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I have received my first 5* after a month of playing in May. Aeron. Helped me out a lot and I still use him every day. He was an epic hero token bonus draw.

Then later I received Justice and Gregorian from an epic hero token and an epic hero token bonus draw. I have been running two TC 20’s for 2 months straight now and have Domitia, Quintus and Vivica.

So, after 7 months of playing the game provided me with six 5* heroes, including two HOTM.

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Got my Joon from a token after ca 3 month of playing, nothing in the next 7 month afterwards. Then suddenly Liana, Richard and Magni from tc20 in a week. I got my first Wu after a year of playing. So it is really matter of luck.

Keep collecting those ascension materials, feed your tc20s, keep pulling and something will show up! Good luck.

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Im the most unluckiest person in this Game. Until lvl 27 i havent seen a second 4* hero. In 4 Days i got vivica and obakan from train 20

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I just did three Halloween pulls, got Vlad, Azar +Oberon…so I guess vlad is cool but Valeria would of been really nice, I never expected I’d get Victor haha :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::sweat_smile:

I hate people who are this lucky, but I got Victor on my second pull just a few minutes ago. I’ve been playing for over a year now and still have never gotten a HOTM, so things do balance out.

My Horghall was the first 5* I ever got. He was from an epic hero token I got randomly from either a Titan or mystic vision. I got him to 3-70 and there he remains and likely will remain, as I pulled Lianna from TC20 while waiting for tonics.

Good luck to everyone!

I’m exactly 30 days into the game and I got 3, having spent about 70$ total. Got Tarlak and Mok-Arr from 4 Atlantis tokens, and made a 10xpull on red heroes and got Aegir Bonus draw.

I have 12 four stars, 6 from the 2 10x summons I made and 6 from epic tokens and some 300gem summon

My luck was all spent in the first 2-3 months of game pulling both Hel and Athena when i didn’t even know what a HotM was. (spending for both… mh… 30 Euros?)
So for me it was extremely quick at first.

The problem is that i don’t pull any other HotM after them and waited 6 months or so for another 5* :sweat_smile:

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I was lucky, The first time i got 300 gems I pulled Thorne (i was very happy then :frowning_face: )and bonus Aeron. I was about 1 week into the game

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