How? Leveling Troops

Hey Community,

How is this possible? Leveling 4 x 4* Troop @ lvl30 in less than 24 hours. Look two of them are even the same element.

I’m not complaining at all about it, rather I would love to learn how. Love to see a video and/or a up to date guide.



I presume that they had a lot of 3 and 4* troops stored up in their barracks and enough 500k food packs to get them leveled. Almost certainly more money than I’d care to invest, but everyone knows their own limits.


It’s just a colossal amount of feeder troop summoning and buying food refills via gems. There’s no way to do it otherwise.


Time, resources, planning ahead.

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A lot of monet to refill food bar, a lot of monet to buy gems to summon troops. And a lot of money to buy offers with trainer troops.


Yes it’s very straightforward, just buy loads of troop summons and buy loads of ham, a lot of finger repitition, click, buy, click, buy.

Simple as that (as long as you have the money)


I do not know exactly how they did it, but:

You can store (hoard) feeder troops, especially trainer troops. To get that many cyclops troops they had to use some 200 ETT, means a lot of additional feeder troops.

Endgame players can hoard masses of food crates, free and/or from offer bundles, and you can stack a lot of food in AL and TC10-20.
With free builders and an advanced house you can destroy recruits to get masses of food back.
In AL you can stack 3 queues with 100 transmutations each, if you empty the queues, you get a lot of ham back too.
Mercing of 1*-3* titans can also be helpful. Using a few dozens of titan flasks, every flag kills one baby titan and gives you some 100k ham.

And the last resort, of course, creditcard :slight_smile:

Happy gaming


Its called :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :dollar: :pound: :yen: :heavy_dollar_sign:


Just unlimited funding… if one had the time and nerv, they could make a rough estimate of how much this stunt costed. Not an acurate one, of course, but an educated guess.


Just cash money.

That’s it really and it’s what we generally call “flexing”

Basically imagine Ferrari have a new car out and on the day of its release you see someone driving it round town in a brash manner.

This is the E&P equivalent.

I’m not saying it’s wrong or right, people can spend there money however they want. But there will always be those that massively dislike it when someone’s wealth is slapped in their faces like that.

This is worng. Just ignore this.

The maximum number of troop that the whale can feed to Lv.1 4* troop in one shot is 301 Troop. (Max Food 3318k. Food cost 11k per troop at Lv.1)

The total Exp the whale need to max 4* troop is 63800.

So, the whale need 18 4* troop ((63800-301x200)/200=18), 283 3* troop (301-18=283) and 3310k food to get 1 Lv.30 4* troop which isn’t hard for those whales.

Edit : No, that is wrong. It actually cost more than that. Thank you @Gimliv


Nice analogy, I really don’t think there’s any issue with this player doing this.

If one has the funds, then absolutely why not, good luck to him/her.

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You know what I fail to understand? Why would people with such obvious financial resources waste time playing E&P?! That’s far beyond me… I mean, the world have so much to offer, why a sitthy, obscure, time consuming cell phone app? I’ll never understand, wasting hours upon hours every day, for extended periods, when you could be on a private jet, heading for the next ski resort or surf beach… the Ferrari analogy ain’t right. You don’t buy the latest Ferrari to show off in front of the crowd… you buy it out of passion for the brand, or to impress a specific set of targets. You don’t care about impressing Honda Civic owners… you care about other Ferrari owners, or some high tower ladies, the kind that aren’t easily impressed. But playing E&P? Who’s there to impress? Who cares about E&P… it’s a ■■■■■■■■■ cell app… Nobody gives a sith…


Do you really think that everybody who has money dreams of travelling by their own jet, visit exotic countries or buying a Ferrari? Some people don’t chase that… Some people do all of the above and spend money on E&P…


This, I understand…

… this, I don’t.

E&P, might be fun, people may fall in love with it, but playing at high levels, it’s extremly time consuming. This is the part I fail to grasp. Why waste this kind of time, when the world opens itself to you in every possible way? Perhaps it’s not money… perhaps it’s some hackers…


I think it’s more like that. There has always been and always will be, and the top players are always more on the subject.

And if that’s the case, the game deserves it because every day that passes becomes more unfair and unbalanced

Just because they like the game and they can waste their time on whatever they want.

Money is not the only thing that you need to enjoy your life to the fullest. Yes, the money helps, but it’s not everything. Sometimes people have fun in playing stupid games like E&P, not in travelling, buying luxury things etc.

Just try to understand how different people are and how different personalities they have or problems they struggle with.

Anyway, I feel that from the very beginning this conversation is pointless. The question itself “Why did you spend money on that?” is pointless.
If you can afford that and it makes you happy, don’t hesitate.


I’m in finance and I’ve dealt with the hyper wealthy for a lot of years.

Some are workaholics and can’t/won’t stop because it’s their life. I don’t understand it because you would think there comes a point where you don’t need more money. Whatever makes them tick makes them carry on.

Then there are those who literally do nothing. And there is only so much nothing you can do before boredom kicks in. When your wealth is increasing daily with no real input from you needed what on Earth do you fill your day with.

Stuff like this, that’s what.

But for the vast majority of us we just cannot understand this. It’s alien to us but very much a thing.


All sorts of players in this game.

Some do it to kill time.
Some do it for the “battle” experience
Some do it for maps, quests, etc
Some do it for company
Etc etc

As for spending, it’s a personal decision. If player wants to go in deep and is not prepared to wait, and has enough $$$ to burn, why not ?

It’s their choice. I won’t judge them cos they have heaps of $$$ and are willing to burn it on pixels.

Everyone is different.


It must be quite entertaining for the player to read this :thread:

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