How it is possible?

How is it possible for the new hero of the month show up this morning and jimme already has her and has her maxed out. There is no possible way. I play everyday all day and cant even get 1 hidden blade to ascend my one and only 5* hero

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you should probably read some of the other posts regarding this.


By being a longterm player with the resources prepared and ready to use. There’s videos of leveling her to 3/70, which only stop there because the recorder didn’t have a final scope for the ascension.


Where this at rockstar

@Paulon just posted above.

Was just going by what I read. I don’t pay any attention to what others are doing with their teams. Just what I do with mine.

I try to rockstar but when I feel me or my alliance is being cheated goin to say something.

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I agree. To be honest there isn’t too many if any ways to cheat in this game. Long time players have found loopholes along the way and use them. Most of them also share these loopholes for newer players as well. Their alliance is really good but they also seem like very good people.

They offer advice and take their time to make videos and post things.

This forum has been a great way to grow in the game and to learn more about my heros. How I use them is up to me though. But that is all trial and error as you go along.

The word cheating in the English language is normally not taken lightly by some. But here it is thrown around as much as 5* or HOTM. Which is a bit strange to me.

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This wasn’t cheating, just planning ahead. He ran his TCs for an entire month to build up feeder heroes and store food.

Please try not to throw accusations around when you have ZERO evidence of cheating.


Pretty much what I was getting at. Cheating is a harsh word. I assume it was a translation so can’t bite his head off.

My gf calls me “chateado (boring or upset in Portuguese)” but it is an every day saying here. So I just take it in stride. haha

I’m pretty sure that’s the case. He very explicitly says “that’s not possible” which to me implies cheating in the proper definition of the word.

But when you’re playing the game on a totally different level, it often looks like cheating.


Planning ahead huh? I can undertaand that if u already know exactly what u need. But there is no way jimMe knew he needed all blue characters. So y’all defend the developers that’s fine

Omg whats wrong with you. You are even provided a video that explains how its done!!! Go and watch it finally to understand how this game works and stop complaining😡


if you watch @Anchor leveling vids he often doesn’t use the same color initially. So I assume he does it the same way.

You don’t NEED to use color matching heros. It just makes a better chance for the special to increase.


he has nothing else he is leveling up, so its stored in the TCs as completed but not taken 1/2* heroes. Then he pays to buy the HotM, not sure if he spent a single pull or he dropped $200 attempting to purchase her. From there he fed all color heroes to her. Zero did a guide on how to quickly level 1 hero. Its not effective for those starting out needing to level multiple heroes, but JimMe has enough built for all of his needs.


Exactly. Anyone who has 20-30+ leveled heroes isn’t going to waste time only doing on-color hero feeding. You feed them all of them and get your hero done.


I know how the game works. Either spend money and get good stuff u need or don’t and u won’t get crap. And I don’t have to stop complaining. Right to free speak. If u don’t like what I’m sayin then don’t read and don’t respond to it. But seems like I hit a nerve with this post.

Dude, please stop… You are embarrassing yourself!!!


Well, you didnt so much hit a nerve as you refuse to understand whats happening.

You feel cheated. You are not cheated. You are just vastly outmatched in knowlesge and skill of this game.

There are like 3-4 videos and tutorials explaining how powerleveling is done.

Dont hate on people just because they are clearly better than you at the game. :slight_smile:


It seems to me that the only nerve you hit with this post is yours :smiley:

Let’s put it in simple. It has been known what the new HOTM will be for a long time. We also know that the next one will be red and the one after will be green. We know their specials, stats, names and everything. They are being on the beta testing version of the game.

Blue heroes were saved in advance, and given JimMe and 7D are fighting 10* titans, and receiving Diamond tier rewards, and also score very high on every challenge event (again with planning) and given he is a long-time player, it’s not too hard to see how he got the hero maxed in one day. It’s been done before so no news here.

And you are correct - you can say whatever you want and it is your right to be ignorant if you chose to. If I were in your shoes, I would try to find tutorials and sources to better understand the game. I could’ve given you links to good resources, but given your attitude I don’t feel like it. If you want to become better at the game go do some reading and research, like all of the other players that want to be better at the game.


Wow not I’m being called names and shots at my IQ nice y’all. Funny how none of y’all that have commented on my post is one I have said anything about. So what is it to y’all?

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