How is this so?

I’m not familiar with the way that the number of points an enemy gets awarded for taking out your war defense team is determined. I’m under the impression that there is a predetermined total number of points that is divided among all the alliance members, considering the strength of their defense team.

I’m a bit puzzled by the next situation: my war defense team has a TP of 3407 (5 x 4* 4/70) and the enemy gets 114 (76 + 38) points for taking it out. Meanwhile, my alliance mate’s defense team has a TP of 3485 (4 x 4* 4/70 + 1 x 5* 4/31), so, a superior team in every way, and the enemy gets only 102 (68 + 34) points for taking it out.

Could someone please explain this?

It is not based on TP but on your HP.

So, if I would add all of my heroes HP it would be more than his heroes HP total? Is this the only factor? What about defense stats? Don’t they matter? A hero with a high defense and lower HP might be tougher than one with lots of HP but low defense… I didn’t know this… doesn’t really seem logical.

Almost correct. Its based on the health/hit points of the team. Not team power.

So, hero’s defense stats are not a factor? That is kind of unfair… Well, at least now I know…

Troops are considered too

That is even more puzzling… His troops are way better then mine…

Yeah, some troops increase your hero HP and some increase the amount he heals. This can also give you more HP = more value on wars

Right… so again only HP… :grinning:

I agree that defense is a better indication of durability…but i didn’t write the code :wink:

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Well, SG certainly have their own way of doing things… if they say HP is the only thing that matters for a defense team, so be it… I wonder how many of us are considering the sum of the hero’s HP as a decisive factor while setting a defense team… after all is only alliance war… not like it was something people cared about… Way to go SG… Keep up the good work…