How is this possible? Explain

In war I have elena with counter attack buffed. She got damage for 880. BUT she returned only 760 back. So how is this possible when she suppose to return 125% of received damage? I’m telling for long time. The game is CHEATING. another example. With sif and titan fight. I observe this for loooong time. When sif doesn’t have buff titan do more damage to her than she has a buff with counterattack. If she has a buff the damage from titan is ALWAYS less than without buff so she is returning less damage.

Part of Sif’s special is to reduce damage by 50% however her counterattack value is calculated based upon the damage prior to reduction.


I’d imagine you still have to take into account the defense stats of the hero that is receiving the counterattack.

@Guvnor probably has a formula tucked away somewhere.

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Hard to imagine what went wrong if we don’t have a screenshot or a video of the issue.

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Sometimes, the eyes play tricks. Or sometimes, our memory fails. Without a screenshot of that happening, and everything is based only on the words coming from the mouth, an intelligent, wise and informed explanation would be hard to formulate. We can help you if you help us.

Otherwise, my answer would be this:

“SGG devs are aliens who kidnapped you for you to be experimented and messed up your mind., and brainwashed you to play Empires and Puzzles forever.”"


Here are some examples

You’ll see that Elena’s counter is very small. This is because you now can’t do more damage than the health you have remaining (fixed several updates ago). In this case, Elana had very little health and so did less than 30 damage in reply.

You’ll also see that my heroes have defence buffs and this may also be reducing the damage.

(Also, despite deliberately causing Elena to fire and taking an unbalanced team to make the point, I still won. yay)


Defensive buffs shouldn’t affect riposte tho?
I mean, opponent defensive buffs, not Elena defensive buffs.

Like DoT damage, should’nt bypass that?

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Where’s @Kerridoc when you need him?

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Neverless fo the OP:
Sif exactly work like that.

She reduce damage for herself, but deliver all the damage to the attacker.
You must look both the damage on her, and the one on the titan.
You will see a huge difference between numbers.

As other said, a riposte hero could only return a maximum of damage equivalent of his HP, if that kill him.
That was a change occured some versions ago.
So if your Elena still has only 1 HP, she will riposte for 1 HP.

Yeah, that sucks.


You have color-stacked tiles, so the returned damage is going to be split amongst that color.


Every day’s a school day :grin:

Thanks @Kikyo

If Elena didn’t have 880 health left, she didn’t get hut for 880. If it killed her, then the game isn’t cheating, you just don’t understand the game.

You have Sif’s card but haven’t read it apparently, thus, the game isn’t cheating, you dont understand how Sif works.


@Krtko do the explanations given here clear up any confusion regarding your concerns?

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How much health did the enemy Elena have remaining?

Counter attack will only counter the amount of HEALTH that would be removed (pre-modifiers like Black Knights Flesh Wound or Sif’s Damage Reduction).

I use Costume Elena a great deal & watched the damage that gets countered… Never once have I seen an example where the numbers didn’t line up.

Bug report regarding the change in how Counter Attack is calculated.
Thread: [Solved] Issues with Counterattack


If this was in the bugs and issues category, I’d mark this as the answer.

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