How is this normal?


That wouldn’t be two sides of the same equation. You present two different equations.

I actually agree with you that game play would be improved, I’m just suggesting your argument isn’t the best approach to convincing people. I’m moving on now.


YOU challenged them, you picked them out. They didn’t have a say in it. You agreed to the terms of the challenge, you risk your 15 cups for a chance to go to their castle and take their 50 cups. YOU take your 15 cups to THEIR castle. You died. Where are your cups? Laying on the ground at their front door. The castle janitors pick them up and put them with their other cups.

You’re upset because it happened to you 3 times, but what you don’t know is that maybe 5 times it has happened to someone else against you. You might have 250 cups from other players attacking you and leaving cups at your front door because all 10 heroes died. Look at it from both sides.


This is not “injustice” this is just bad luck. Improve your team and kill it fast and there will be “justice” for you. Period


Come on! I bet you know that no matter how strong your team is you will still lose some raids, don’t you?! That’s not the point…


Yes. Of course! Don’t do raid when u win under 30 Trophies. It happened to me also,but if u change something in ur team to be stronger,then you can avoid those frustrating moments when he dies,you die right before him.


Oh! I usually pick trophy odds over 45 / 16. So we agree on that. Anyway, I just had a great raid, it came down to my Sabina against their Vivica and I won with just a few seconds left on the clock. 51 cups too! So my morale is back on track now :grinning:


War is won by the survivors. If there are no survivors there is no victory.

Raids invoke the concept of attacking strongholds to take cups loot and victory. Everyone dies? Nothing is gained.

The enemy gains a victory, however pyrrhic, by repelling the enemy force in the service of their sovereign.

Yes it is normal. Yes it makes sense in the narrative. Yes it is fair.


Please keep in mind that in this gane, unlike in reality, only the military ( heroes ) die.
The non combatants are still there and the castle is still functioning.

So you decided to attack a castle and invested resources to attack but your army was killed.
I am sure the defenders see this as a win even if their army was destroyed too.

And this classifies as a victory because you didnt reach your objective but they reached theirs. :smile:

How many people are left on the battlefield is irrelevant.

Wish you best of luck with your Raids.



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Hi there!

As NPNKY said ages ago, it works like this:

Certain conditions have to be met for the offending (attacking) party to win:

  • you have to kill all defenders
  • you have to still have time on the clock
  • you have to have at least 1 hit point left on one attacker*

I know this last one because I’ve done it and I’ve seen it. These aren’t rules written down any where, these are “The game as it reveals itself to you every time you play”.

If you will accept the word of a player with 18+ months experience here (which either I or NPNKY have), then accept that this is the way it is.

You can either accept and keep on playing…or refuse, throw down the board, and leave the community.

I’d prefer you did the first. :wink:


Quit? No, not me sir! I enjoy this game to much. Anyway, you got me wrong. I know the rules very well, I just don’t like this one. Unlike some, I understand and enjoy the raiding system and I think it is almost perfect the way it is. I just think that two teams obliterating each other on the battlefield should be a draw, not the object of some arbitrary ruling based on… on what exactly? On some squishy mushy story about not being able to enter some imaginary castle or not being able to carry loot home, like some other members tried to explain to me?! That’s bul…hit, sir… We all play the same game and it is not played in a field in front of some castle, it is played on the board, and on the board the two teams were perfectly equal. I understand this is the way the game works, it’s not a bug or something like that, but I still think this is a stupid rule that should be changed… Anyway, I started this thread hoping to get some support in order to ask the devs to consider changing it… I see now that most people don’t seem to care at all about this, and saw it as a chance to antagonize someone with a different opinion… left me with a bit of a bitter taste, but this is the way things are unfortunately…

P.S. There is something about those cat’s eyes that makes me wonder… I apologize if I presumed wrong about your gender by calling you “sir”…


Heh…I’m a girl.

If it makes it easier, think this way: Are you still alive? Is there still time on the clock? No? Then you lost. Sucks. :wink:


Wait wait wait. So are you saying that if the wording at the end was changed to draw instead of defeat and you lost your cups you would be ok with that?


No! Of course not. Where did you get that idea?! Why would I lose anything if it would be a draw? Both sides should keep their status quo. Nothing gained, nothing lost. Rematch or revenge still possible if available.


Forget about it, I’m over it… at least I was right about the cat’s eyes… :grinning: Again, sorry for calling you sir…


Hey, I like Sir. It’s just not factually accurate. :grin:


It has happened to me before and I agree with you on making it a draw and no one loses anything.

I have complained about the raids in general on how the game seems to “cheat”. I started tracking my raids and I found sort of a pattern.

Since I have 6 flags I tracked based off of tjouse and I chose to raid only those with a weaker team than mine, 200 points are lower and I did this at the start of my chest challenge.

I found that I would win the first 3 easily then lose at least 2 some times 3. I found also that out of the last 3 raids I would only get around one of their heroes.

Next I waited to get all six flags back and start a new challenge (after winning my chest), I raided 3 won all easily again then waited to regain one flag, then went back and won the first easily then lost the ref if them only getting 2 heroes out of it.

My opinion is that the game will only allow you to win so many then it forces you to lose so that you spend money to refill your raid flask. Just my opinion


I very consistently win my 6 raids in a row as do a majority of players once they figure out how to play, unless they specifically challenge themselves to fight stronger opponents. Do you think the game is specifically targeting you or could it be that you’re not playing your raids anywhere close to optimally, increase in trophies, your mindset or confirmation bias?

As for getting only one of their heroes, that’s pretty typical of a lost raid. Either you kill the tank quickly and win or take too long to kill the tank and barely have time to kill any other heroes.


If you look in your player profile it will tell you your longest raid winning streak. I suspect most players who have been playing for any length of time (6+ months) have it in the high 20’s to low 30’s. I would also guess that some players have 40+ winning streaks.


I don’t think the game is targeting me directly but I noticed this just start happening within the last month so I decided to just track it to see.

I posted my team a while ago after complaining about it and got some advice to adjust which I did. I went on a 23 raid streak which is my highest but the last 2 weeks I’ve noticed it start reverting back to the 3 wins then losses. Though I only notice this pattern while doing the chest challenge.

I don’t care about trophies, I do the raids for the chest and the resources. I noticed that while I raid while not in the challenge I tend to win more. It’s only during the challenge I noticed the pattern.