How is this guy possible?

I’m guessing it’s a developer account. They may be trying to get data on raid formations for lower level players.


I didn’t handover any account, I started a F2P account on the person’s device as a surprise… built it and gave it… & today she manages it forward with all raid-war-map play…

but, I understand if this info can be misconstrued… !!

like I said mines not a year old yet so it’s not as far but you can see it’s possible. I’ll get you some pictures as soon as I figure out how… it’s on a laptop LOL I have to edit out my personal stuff from the screen kinda a pain … but maybe monday

Yep, same here on my alts. Although I deliberately leveled them since I wanted to do Trials quests and pull from Costume chamber (lvl 18+).

You can build your base even as a level 1 with nothing but time and patience. Admittedly you would miss on a lot of free stuff that comes only with leveling up, but it can be done. Also when you upgrade the Advanced house you can (given lots of time) train and ascend any S1 hero or even a non-S1 one (HA 10) completely as a free to play.

Edit: If someone is wondering where the Ascension mats would come from - there are some gem offers at the end of each month + Mystic Visions. And Alchemy Lab.

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You’re missing the point, @Elpis has 399 titan kills at lvl.13. on that account. That’s enough time to build SH25 if you aim for it…


Me hav one FTP account. 3 years+ old. Lvl 35.
Titan kills around 900. :blush:
At the beginning me played this account a bit faster than my main. Last 10 lvls took me more than 2 and half years. :).


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