How is this guy possible?

It could be a possibility that team formation is just setup by default…
Just here thinking …

I definitely did not photoshop anything.

I am unable to upload the screen recording, but more than willing to share it on another platform.

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It was just to show that even a lv 13 player could be in the game for more then a year and be active (but not mapping and do not level up).
My alt account is 2 years old and i abandoned it months ago.

Since build your base require mainly time, i probably could build SH25 with that account if i really want it.

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Well to Build SH25, you should have at least 3 lvl 9 A.Iron Storage (i think or maybe 3 of them should be full?) Including 2 Max Lvl Normal Iron Storage

So I guess it’s unlikely to be happened. That’s why I said it’s near to 0%
But it’s not 0, it’s like 0.1%, like you want to pull Mysterio.

Unless we can see how old is that account, it’s gonna be a mystery and lots of speculations.


It’s a matter of fact that account exist, and there’s only 4 reasons for it:

  • Gems skip (crazy)
  • Not leveling (long and useless, but possible)
  • Cheating (why cheating for that?)
  • Bug (possible)

So out of these possibilities, i think my version and the bug are the most likely to happen.

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Meaning what?
It happened, there was even a vid showing the raid result, but someone thought it was a good idea to report that vid as being “inappropriate”. I wasnt asking for opinions , i was asking in what ways it would be possible.

There is the possibility that’s it’s a generated account. i.e. SGG is sprinkling self-generated accounts to make it seem like this game is more active than it actually is.

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You can read all of it to understand instead of just put another what?

I said it’s unlikely to be happened for player with this kind of Level to make HA.
But once again it’s still a mystery how that Player can change his Raid Formation.

You might not get the real answer other than Lots of Speculations and guesses :innocent:


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IT IS POSSIBLE : Long term player that plays occasionally & kept levelling up the storages & buildings to push SH levels.

I know this, bcoz, while building my GF’s account I had the SH at 16 in 4 months of very occasional play on the iPad, when I handed it to her as a surprise. It was mainly done with working mainly on iron storage to keep levelling the SH which today is at SH20.

To level up the SH for Hero Academy, gems quantity required is very high = very high cost, which doesn’t show up in the spends on heroes, which are all 3*s… = nOT built thru gems.


There is no speculation but a simple logical common sense… which I have explained above…

I was able to do it becoz it had to be a secret…& was don’t in 100% F2P mode as it was my GF’s iPad & I couldn’t spend becoz, not my CC / password… Only the device didn’t have password…so did it secretly till I handed over…

Well i told you it’s one in a Million. I don’t say it’s impossible. I put 0.1% :wink:

Unless you can put your screenshot of your Hero Academy with lvl Less than 20.
There’s no need any discussion and you are not part of the one in a Million Player :laughing:

Check mate

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he could have recently left an alliance and is looking for a new one

If you read what I have written you will understand how it is done over a period of time… instead of becoming emotional about a logic provided. I have ZERO intention to convince you or anyone…

just presented my logic.

Is the HA10 shown in the video?

Well explained with Pics of your account, how the original query could have happened.

Can you believe, that the comment you have liked is flagged by someone :grinning:

Yes, and they focus too much on the heroes, and didn’t noticed (from the profile picture) that my lv.13 account slain 400 titans.

Totally impossible, of course, on normal basis.

I believe it is because “handover” of account is violation of game rule…

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I’m guessing it’s a developer account. They may be trying to get data on raid formations for lower level players.


I didn’t handover any account, I started a F2P account on the person’s device as a surprise… built it and gave it… & today she manages it forward with all raid-war-map play…

but, I understand if this info can be misconstrued… !!

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