How is the game trolling you?

My most powerful hero is Exeera. Enough said


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Once the secondary costumes will arrive. This will be might be normal to everyone. (Season 1 hero as the most powerful hero)

That will probably be when my luck with the costume chamber dries up! What I am excited about is the S1 family bonus since the majority of my top heroes are S1 costumes.

The game has decided I can only have Ice heroes. While I can’t complain about them since I got some the best ice 5* it wil take 3 years to get enough scopes for some and their dupes. 3 Morel, 3 costume Alasie, 3 Crystalis, 3 Athena + c, 2 Sobek, 2 Miki and nany many more. Saved 64 EHT for Kalevala. Guess who showed up? Aino of course. Stopped pulling when ice heroes are featured! Meantime I don’t have many dark or fire offensive 5* and I’d love to ascend a couple good fire heroes but I have 12 rings and 1 hidden blade. Go figure

Is not necessarily strange, as experiences within the game, are as varied as individuals in the game. A broad spectrum from good to bad and much more in between . For myself,
is just getting uglier .:sweat_smile:

This war. Other alliance ran blue tanks, barely any green tiles for 6 flags. Later when raiding against a BK tank with Frigg flank, green tiles everywhere.

Pretty sure that today’s PoV dailies counts. Starting a challenge league and give us a mininmum of 39 world energy worth of “complete the Season stages” tasks.

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My final flag in this war was horrible. Took a Green + 1 team as they were my only heroes left.
Purple tank, Blue Healer flank, Frigg on wing against me.

Board had nothing for several turns. Tank Fires. Healer fires. Frig almost ready to fire.

Still no green tiles for me. I make my move. Board cascades.

NO green tiles in cascade all my heroes are still on less than 1/4 mana.
Board is now FULL of green tiles. I can see a diamond that is ready to be made.


Left flank fires, Tank fires, Right flank fires


Thankfully we had won the war by this point and this was my free hit. Just pride that took a beating.


Purple 5* from dunes portal…

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Summons and of course this non-stop nonsense; especially during FAST play wars…

So that’s not dreadful. Not a starting board and with HuTao basically dead and your heroes zero mana suggests you’ve at least fired one if not more specials.

Think I’d make the -| blue diamond in the middle into HuTao in the hope of another red for 3 direct into him, which probably kills him. If not and he fires it won’t kill your heroes and you’ll have a refreshed board.

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LOL, Have not read all of these but, I bet my wife has most everyone beat. She always had a disdain for my game and eventually to my surprise started playing it. She eventually got a training camp to level 20 and started her first attempt to get training with chance for epic and legendary heroes. After training completed she attempted to get a 5*, she pulled Azlar (not the best 5 star but, her only 5* RED) and went to level her new hero but, (and I have no idea how this is even possible) it was Zudak (2 star red) no Azlar. I have never gotten less than a 3* from that training selection. Support says they need the exact time that it happened and we know the hour but, not the exact moment it happened. I would think it isn’t possible but, I am the one who happily collected Azlar (on the first try) for her as she was busy at work at home so I KNOW it happened. Not sure if it is trolling. I know what I would call it but, I will play nice and keep it G-rated here.

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Can’t really say it trolls me, cause I don’t really care about thw game anymore, I guess I’m just playing out of inertia now. However, even if it’s not the game trolling (more like fate trolling about the game), one thing upset me lately. This year, just like the year before, I spent a few days with family and friends at a sea side resort. As you can imagine, this left little to no time for a mobile app, so, just like last year, I went for days without loggin into the game. Fate made it so that, just like last year, this last ice omega quest went by causing me the loss of the aethers… last year it was in june, this year in july, the outcome was the same… aethers went bye bye… 8 big blue aethers… Could have LB both Quintin and Pengi… my rock star f2p blue heroes… well, it’s just a detail, doesn’t really matter, just felt like sharing it.

I bought the 10 pulls from the day 3 offer, go Kadilen and Quintus back to back like wtf. Before that i used my farmed up 5 pulls and got El Nad so im happy, and seeing 3 5*s from 15 pulls is insane, but still 2 of them S1.