How is the game trolling you?

Lock your hero so you don’t delete him (before SGG does).

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Thank you for reminding me. :grin:

That’s a triple whammy. :-1:

Wishing you much better luck next Gargoyles/Slayers/NT! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


Haven’t pulled a single event hero, 4* or 5*, in over a year and a half and only 1 HOTM .
Couldn’t even get 5* dupes to use for SE .:woman_facepalming:

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2 Damascus blades in 3 days ( one raid chest, one titan chest) now have 14, but only 3 tomes

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I don’t do many pulls so I don’t get many 5*, but when I do they get them, they always seem to be Rogue or Paladin. The other emblems just like up. Just dumb luck.

(And after 3 years I don’t have a yellow mana troop)

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Getting tonics from random sources with my last unique legendary green obtained 2 years ago.


You can get director Zuri from HA10?

Run 3 or 4 tc20 full time

2 Salmon Loki
3 Khufu
4 Russula
This is Suck!!


So you get trolled by the game because it gives you 2 5* heros out of 4 pulls!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
I would love to have your problems!!!

Compared to me you seem to be exceptionally lucky! :rofl:

Only the Owl is from HA10 :slight_smile:

I have received Zuri from my very first Starfall Circus free pull.


Had 2 TC20 running for quite some time now and only 2 5 * . Let one run out and the other is down to 49 days . Only add to it if I need be rid of some recruits . Don’t even expect much of it any more.:confused:

And my expectations have been barely existing on life support . Any thing less,would be to pull the plug.

Although that could be considered a mercy killing🤣

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In regards to my 5* tc20 rate… I’ve been as high as 1 over pace… And as low as 2.5 under…

I think the game read my post… 4 days after the post below, I got Leo-C from HA10

2 - Then, in the Guardian event, it took me roughly 23857134 pulls to get Jackal. Once I finally got Jackal, I got 2 in the same 10-pull. I maxed them both, emblemed one, then immediately pulled C-Leonidas.

How about you bro ? How long do you play this game ? Share here

The latest example, it just refuses to stop trolling. :man_shrugging::joy:


Man that sucks. Really does. Hug for you. Go chill with something nice. Enjoy your weekend.

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ftp for about 4 years.
Have some highs Finley, Telluria, Alfrike, Leonidas costume plus Guardian Panter and Miki from HA10 :slight_smile: but main working horse is still Rigard and Proteus.

Still like the game though although costumes for non TC20 heros and last years powercreep didnt make it better! :rofl:

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